The Future of Floridas Oceans – Assignment Example

The paper "The Future of Florida’s Oceans " is a good example of an assignment on environmental studies. As a concerned citizen, I am moved and besieged by the impending threats to the oceans of Florida these past decades due to unprecedented and irrational coastline overdevelopment, global warming, pollution, and relentless fishing practices. In a news reported by NRDC entitled “Oceans should be a top priority for Florida”, the glaring problems on Florida’s coastlines have been emphasized. Until now, no efforts nor policies and plans have been drawn by our government to save our oceans. As the senator of the most powerful country in the world, your voice and genuine concern and appropriate action to protect and preserve Florida’s coastline would tremendously be regarded as a legacy to this nation’s children. They should not be given the by-products of rampant destruction of these natural resources. It is our responsibility to preserve botanical and biological resources to assist in an immediate rehabilitation of Florida’s oceans and address the still impending threats. There are numerous conservation, recreation, and civic organizations that call on you to a unit with their efforts and be the representative to establish a unified and coordinated government leadership for the ocean and coastal resource. An immediate action is the only recourse to save our oceans. It is imperative to take the helm and closely review government subsidies that still encourage growth in already high-risk coastal areas. Now is the time to update ocean and coastal policies to prevent continued deterioration and unconcerned destruction of an irreplaceable natural resource. The future of Florida’s oceans lies in your hands. If not now… then when?