The Case Of The Missing Coin Collection – Case Study Example

The Case of the Missing Coin Collection How did Clarissa solve the mystery? Clarissa used her inquisitiveness and resourcefulness to solve the mystery. She was not satisfied of merely hearing the oral depositions of the subjects involve in the case, Mr. Mum and the butler. Instead, she went to the library to search for material and relevant facts. There she found the documents to support her findings. She was then able to corroborate the deposition of the suspects with the material evidences she noted.
2. List things that were in the room and what Clarissa noted. Which of these could be clues for solving the mystery?
In the crime scene, specifically in the library, there were tattered curtains covering the glass doors leading to the patio from Mr. Mum’s library. There was also a basket full of unopened correspondence, power phone, and credit card bills which Clarissa noted and was actually the clue for solving the mystery.
3. Clarissa found something that indicated Mr. Mum had been lying. After you complete the following investigations, you should be able to figure out how Clarissa came to her conclusion?
Clarissa’s finding became final as basis to solve the mystery when after she had noted the basket full of unopened correspondence, power phone, and credit card bills owned by Mr. Mum, she overheard the gentleman talking about the insurance company to compensate him for the loss of his coin collection. And her suspicion was affirmed when she saw that Mr. Mum’s desk had a magnifying glass, a letter opener, a copy of the Numismatist, and the tarnished silver lunch tray.