Astronamy – Essay Example

Astronomy - Why we are "Star Stuff" “The amino acid glycine, a fundamental building block of proteins, has been found in a comet for the first time, bolstering the theory that raw ingredients of life arrived on Earth from outer space” (Carl Sagan Was Right, We Are Star Stuff)The main ingredients in stars and our body are almost same. It is hydrogen and helium. The process of nuclear fusion or the process of combining of two hydrogen atom to form a helium atom inside stars are responsible for the great energy produced by stars in the form of heat and light. Moreover the stars itself has been formed from hydrogen clouds as believed by many astronomers. Stars often go through some kind of explosions like novae and supernovae which will result in the making of much heavier elements like oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, uranium etc.
Our earth and solar system are believed to be the result of a big explosion called big bang. This explosion resulted in distributing the stellar elements to the planets as well. In other worlds all the planets including our earth has come from a star and all the ingredients or materials in our earth were originated from stars. Thus all the atoms including that in our body and what we breath, the oxygen, and all the objects was previously belong to stars. In that sense, Carl Segan was right in his argument that we all are stellar stuffs.
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