Software Operating System Software and Application Software Software 2 Operating System software (OS) is the software of a computer system which guides one computer user to perform his computer functions from the time he switches on the computer till he switches it off. The operating system controls the various functions of the hardware. The OS decides about the allocation or sharing of computer resources to the users. All the application programs work on the computer under the strict controls of operating system. A computer cannot function effectively without an operating system. Most common operating systems are Windows, Macintosh, Linux, DOS etc.
Application software on the other hand is a software operated by means of a computer which assists the computer users in executing certain specific tasks. The application software has nothing to do with the control of the computer system like the OS. It assists the users in directly in performing their tasks while the OS is assisting the users indirectly. Word processors, Spreadsheets, Media players etc are examples of application software.
Program file is a folder in Windows OS where all the application files are stored other than the OS files. Each program is put in sub folders and arranged in a structured manner within the main folder. A data file on the other hand is a file which stores data for the execution of a computer application. Data files are stored mainly in binary or ASCII file formats. Windows explorer is a file manager in windows OS which provides a graphical user interface for accessing the files. “Fundamental function of Windows Explorer- displaying the list of folders and files that are present on the system. There are two basic formats or views for displaying this information. One view format makes
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use of a single pane. This is the default for My Computer or for the view obtained from clicking on a folder icon” (Windows XP Your Way- Windows Explorer Tips). The explorer helps us to locate files if we find any difficulty in locating it by normal means.
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