Brief Description Of 11 Years Old Girl's Bedroom – Essay Example

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I had just finished an interior designing and my friend requested me to design the bedroom for her daughter, Kelly. This was my first independent project and I had to try to make it appealing and homely to Kelly, who had just turned 11 and seemed to have some set ideas which I had to incorporate.
Kelly liked bluebells. As such wallpaper with light blue stripes was used and a darker shade of blue went to highlight the border of the ceiling.
On entering the room, Kelly expressed her desire to have a bedside table. As reading was one of her hobbies, I suggested a reading light over the bed. I chose a cot with a provision on the underside for storage of her books and her shoes in separate compartments. Her bed was placed on the right side of the room closer to her bathroom. On the left side of the room, a mirror was fixed to the wall. Below the mirror, a glass-topped shelf was fixed where Kelly could keep her cosmetics and accessories. A dresser stool was also provided so that Kelly could sit to fix her hair and face. Next, to the mirror, a closet was built for her. A large window behind Kelly’s bed was draped with lacy white striped curtains on a sky blue background that gave the whole room a breathtaking look.
The walls of the bathroom were of blue speckled tiles with biscuit coloured shelf space for towels and other toiletries.

On the wall opposite to the closet two bookshelves and a clothes hanger were erected.
Now for some relaxation and to put a smile on Kelly’s face I got the carpenter to fashion a cabinet in the shape of a guitar where she could keep her guitar, not forgetting space for her riding gear as besides reading, Kelly’s other hobbies were playing the guitar and horse riding.
Two fancy ceiling lights were fixed which gave the room a warm feeling.
A little away from the dresser I provided a computer table which also improvised as a writing table. An upholstered chair completed the comfort.
My idea of parquet with beige design to balance the dark blue border of the ceiling was liked very much by Kelly.
To complement the room I had ordered for a floral designed carpet which was placed in a strategic position.
It took me about a fortnight to put my thoughts into action but the ecstatic look on the face of the eleven-year-old Kelly told me that my first venture brought joy to a little girl and this indeed gave me an exhilarating feeling.