Can Computer Technology Improve The Lives In Developing World – Essay Example

The paper "Can Computer Technology Improve The Lives In Developing World" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science.
The main problem of the developing world is the relative lack of capital, physical or monetary given the high supply of labour due to the considerably high population growth rates. Thus, given the productivity, an output can be improved either if the capital stock can be increased, or if given the capital stock, the productivity can be enhanced. It is precisely this improvement of productivity, i.e. the amount of output produced per worker, or per unit of capital that can be attained through the adoption of better technology.
Computer technology can lead to a significant improvement because of the very large field of applicability of the technology. In all fields of production, computer technology can lead to higher growth rates. For instance, in the manufacturing sectors, it can improve the degree and control over automation. In the services sector, provision of services can be much more efficient both in terms of time and quality. In the agricultural sectors, computer technology can be put to lots of uses such as the prediction of weather, evaluating fertilizer effectiveness and various other research-oriented activities. The enhancement of speed in obtaining and conveying information will also have very significant productivity increasing impacts.
However, one aspect that has to be kept in mind, particularly when considering developing nations is the fact that while bringing in advanced technology can increase productivity very significantly, it can also be damaging if it leads to the reduction in employment. Often, computer technology leads to labour-saving technologies that lead to the required number of workers falling. Such technologies can harm the developing nations more than the benefits they may lead to. On the other hand, the introduction of computer technology, in general, would require training personnel to adopt that and that, in turn, would create a larger number of jobs.
Therefore, it emerges that computer technology can lead to greater productivity. It can, however, have significant damaging consequences by increasing unemployment. Thus, the economies have to be careful and the adoption of these technologies have to be monitored and kept in check to ensure that the adoption does not become purpose defeating in the end.