Strategies to Write Persuasive Messages – Essay Example

The paper "Strategies to Write Persuasive Messages " is a worthy example of an essay on humanitarian. Writing is an art and being able to communicate without the availability of voice, facial expressions and also body language. Thus writing requires being precise and persuasive to ensure that the message is clear and well understood by the reader. Firstly the most important step to be taking while writing any message is to be sure of the desired outcome, i.e. understanding what the message tries to accomplish. Clarity in thought is very essential. Secondly, it is very important that a thought is put into who the audience will be and to write in terms of what the readers might want and desire. Also, the focus should be what might influence the readers. It is essential to understand the general characteristics of the possible group of readers. Also, other essential aspects to be considered are the media being used to pass on the message, and how the message will be delivered to the readers, eg. E-Mail, postal service, flyers, or websites. These form the basis for writing persuasive messages following which it is essential to building a clear framework for the message (MacMurdo, 2003). This can be done using various strategies. There, however, is no one right way or mode to create a good and strong persuasive message. Use of the number of different strategies like using of grabbing headlines to attract the readers, and to capture and keep the interest of the readers by building the interest, following which words can be used to build a desire within the readers, so that they take further steps and some form of action. This is just one of the possible styles that a writer can use to write persuasive messages. Following the above-mentioned steps and creating a strong framework can hence prove to be very beneficial for the writer.