Dave and Busters Holdings Company – Essay Example

The paper "Dave and Buster’s Holdings Company" is the best example of an essay on business. Dave and Buster’s Holdings Company, also famously known as D & B, is a business centered in Texas’ Dallas with close to 50 sizeable restaurants spread across the United States of America. The private restaurant chain provides a range of services that are geared towards fulfilling people’s appetites for food, leisure, and fun. D&B’s menu comprises a wide range of delicious and mouthwatering foods including desserts, chicken, pasta, burgers, seafood, and steaks and all kinds of drinks feature in its superb bars. Buffets and Sunday brunch are also available on special occasions. Dave and Buster’s offers a full menu on entertainment with video arcades featuring prominently in its list of service centers. Patrons also have the opportunity to play or enjoy indulging in both high-tech and traditional games. Among the games that are played include shuffleboard tables, pocket billiards, virtuality, centipede, simulator games, galaxian theater, Donkey Kong, carnival–style games, pump-it-up and D&B Downs, some of which are designed to generate repeat visits and client loyalty. D&B is a perfect place for having dinners, late-night dining, date nights, happy hours, and private and corporate parties. While designed specifically for adults, young children may enjoy their fun at D&B but only in the company of an adult. Student and youth group events are commonplace in D&B with activities such as graduation parties, club get-togethers, award ceremonies, and after-prom parties being the major ones. While the place is always filled with people, nights are often flowing with more patrons than during the day. The safety, elegance, and ambiance of D&B make it ideal for the whole family to have a fun-filled experience.