Descriptive Essay – Essay Example

HOUSE The house is built on a hill in the Tudor fashion. The living room is the first room you seen when you enter. It is a spacious open plan room with lots of colourful furniture. There are lots of books and records and a large white carpet. There are floor to ceiling windows in this room. My brother’s room is very colorful. The walls are purple and there are lots of paintings on some of them. His room is also decorated with little trinkets like little wooden boxes, incense burners, and other artwork. It isn’t my style really—and I don’t have much time for it. My room is my favourite. I have a T.V., a DVD player, a stereo system, and all of my books, comics, CDs, video games and my Gamecube, and my guitars. This is the room I sleep in, relax in, and do my homework in. There is a big window over my desk which I look out of to see a golden field.