Discourse Community – Essay Example

The paper "Discourse Community" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Communication is an important tool for the success and failure of businesses. The community that I have been employed with is Starbucks. Restaurants, service industries, hotels, and customer service departments are mainly dependent on the communication skills of staff and other employees who have a direct contact with the customers. I have observed a friendly, pleasing and respectful communication with the employees of Starbucks. No matter how angry, tired or exhausted they are, they always treat their customers with a great patience and respect. That’s how Starbucks differs from those tiny tuck shops that are found on each and every street these days. Every time a customer enters Starbucks, he is welcomed by an employee and greeted before he places the order. Different age groups are treated in different ways. The main differences in the use of language, tone, and expressions were identified in two age groups i.e. children and adults. Children are dealt with more passionate, loving and joyful manner. However, adults are dealt with more respect. The training and requirements of a job as an employee at Starbucks involve instructions about conversation techniques. The reason is the reputation of Starbucks which may be spoiled by regular complaints in regards to the employee misbehavior. The pleasing smiles, continuous attention, and punctuality of delivery are the points that create positive hope for the future of Starbucks. The language use among the employees is rather informal and friendly. However, more formal language and professional language is used with the higher staff/employers.