EH 1010-08H ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (EH1010-08H) – Essay Example

Review of Sample Research Papers Using APA, MLA and Chicago Roll No: Teacher: 7th November 2008 All the threewriting styles, APA, MLA and Chicago make use of a title page that is same in every paper, as there is the place of title of document that is centered and one third down the page, name and other details also appear at similar locations, as details are centered with gaps. The only difference that can be found on title page is placement of title plus page in APA format; remaining two styles have nothing in header on Title page. Chicago and MLA make use of last name of author and page number in header on top right corner on textual pages, while in APA style, we find the title of the text along with page number on top right corner.
APA and MLA styles make use of heading of the paper on top of the page which is centered and is present after the tile page, while in Chicago style, the heading is not repeated. In MLA, an outline is also given while other two styles start the document without any abstract or outline. As far as in text citation is concerned, in MLA, the author’s name and the year of publication is given in brackets with no comma in between while in APA, the author’s name and year is separated with a comma and the reference is bracketed. In Chicago, we find end notes at the end of writing.
The sources used in MLA, APA and Chicago are listed on a separate page with different formats. In MLA, the heading of sources is “Works Cited and is centered; in APA, the heading of sources is “References”, which is also centered while in Chicago, the heading of sources is “Bibliography”, which is also centered. At sources page, the sources are listed differently but author’s are named alike as the last name comes first and first name appears after last name, which are separated by means of comma. In MLA, the title of a book or the journal name is highlighted by means of underline, while in other two patterns, the title of book or journal name is written in Italic.
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