English Composition 1 – Essay Example

What do you believe differentiates academic writing from other types of writing? Academic writing focuses on making the understand all aboutthe topic. Other forms of writing either emphasize on providing one side of the knowledge or offer a deep critical analysis while academic writing informs, educates and persuades – all at the same time. Academic writing helps the students to gain a great deal about the subject that they are trying to get a hang of. Other forms of writing might differ since the eventual motive for their writing regimes varies from topic to topic as well as audience by audience.
Academic writing aims to make the student understand the meaning hidden beneath the actual text. Other forms of writing might not explore the hidden meaning and present the information as it is. Academic writing offers some lessons which will shape up the eventual future of the students. Other forms of writing might not provide any such lessons and thus aim to discuss only the pertinent aspects under discussion.
It is a common belief that academic writing is not professional in nature and thus should be avoided by professionals but then again it is very helpful for the students. Other forms of writing could include descriptive and causal writing types which might present more information and educate the reader more than academic writing could within the related writing realms. Both forms of writing are essential towards the understanding of a language and its implied connotations but then again it is important for a person to find out which one is suited for him the most at a given time.
Word Count: 270