A Waiver in the English Language Proficiency Requirements – Essay Example

The paper "A Waiver in the English Language Proficiency Requirements" is an excellent example of an essay on English. The results of my English proficiency test are not on par with the standards as set by However, there are quite justifiable reasons in relation with my English skills which you may kindly consider to allow me a waiver in the English proficiency standards. The medium of instruction all through my schooling had been in English. It must also be considered that the level of English instruction was medium. The certification as provided by my school would stand as a proof for this. On the other side, this high level of exposure to English has made the basics of the language quite clear to me. Thus I have a good foundation in English writing, reading, listening and speaking. With this solid background, I am sure to improve substantially in the language skills. An added advantage which I have had in acquiring command over English is that I have had two and a half years of education in Canada. Having had used English in all routine activities while being in Canada, both academic and personal has helped me to master the language. Overall these facts, I am a very good and quick learner. So if given an opportunity it is for sure that I would improve my language skills to any required levels. My GPA had been 3.6. Considering all these facts, I would like you to allow me a waiver in the English language proficiency requirements. I herewith assure that I would put in fullest of my efforts to improve the language skills.