Is Healthcare a Private or a Public Good – Essay Example

The paper "Is Healthcare a Private or a Public Good" is an excellent example of a social science essay. One of the most important things for businesses to consider when starting up is whether to how much of their employee's healthcare costs they should pay. This is part of a great debate about healthcare and whether the state or employers should pay it or whether people should be responsible for it themselves. It comes down to the basic question: is healthcare a private or a public good? Those who believe healthcare is a public good believe everyone has a right to it and that it is an abuse of human rights to not be granted publicly-funded health insurance at birth. They think that people are effectively tied to their jobs because they are afraid to lose their health insurance. They also argue that it seriously reduces labor flexibility and affects productivity as people stay in jobs they might not want just so they maintain their insurance. There are others who believe the opposite. They would like to see a smaller state that is not responsible for everything in everyone’s life. What could be more personal than health? Why should the government or a business be responsible for paying for an individual’s health? It’s your own choice, for example, whether you smoke or don’t exercise, and yet the business or government must pick up the tab. With the election of Barack Obama, this debate has again come to the forefront as he would like to extend health coverage to all. Whether it will happen or not remains to be seen.