In What Ways are Expository Essays Similar to Business Communication – Essay Example

The paper "In What Ways are Expository Essays Similar to Business Communication" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Expository essays and business communications are similar in a number of ways. Both of them consist of examples, illustrations, facts, and evidence to prove the claims. Business communications and expository essays both are aimed to prove some point. Moreover, both of them have to provide a fair view and unbiased opinions for the readers and listeners. Regardless of these similarities, there are a number of differences that can be observed. An apparent difference is the precise nature of business communications as it leaves certain information unspoken which seems unnecessary or irrelevant for business decisions. However, expository essays contain detailed information about all the relevant facts which are linked to the thesis. It is more probable that facts alter the opinions of people. However, there are other factors involved that affect opinions including cultures, religions and moral values of people. It must, however, be kept in view that facts build opinions to a large extent. There are certain issues where facts play a vital role in affecting the thoughts of people (e.g. causes of increased mortality, organization’s performance etc.) and certain other issues where the opinion of other people affects the individual’s behavior and thoughts (e.g. fashion, feminism, religion etc.) Expository essays and business communications both give a complete piece of information to the reader about the certain issue but the difference remains in terms of the depth of the issue discussed. Both carry information that is required but business communication leaves certain facts and information that is actually known to the reader. Both must provide fair information and unbiased picture of the issues under consideration