The Rainmaker by John Grisham – Essay Example

The paper "The Rainmaker by John Grisham " is an outstanding example of an essay on literature. In the novel of John Grisham d The Rainmaker, the plot rotates around the fraudulent activities of an insurance company d Great Benefit Life Insurance. The insurance company had health insurance schemes in force but at the time of requirement, the insurance company declined to address any of the claims for one reason or the other. Such an incident led to the death of Donny Ray as the Great Benefit Life Insurance did not pay his family the sum assured of $ 200,000 that could have his bone marrow operated and could save his life as he was suffering from Leukemia. The young lawyer named Rudy Baylor took up the case in favor of Donny’s family and could manage to bring in a former employee of the insurance company to ratify that the non-payment of the insurance claims were pre-planned and the company made $ 40 million in such method. It is quite clear from the novel that the insurance company had fraudulent intentions. If the company wanted, it could have verified the authenticity of such claims from appropriate sources prior to payments. In the case of health insurance, the Great Benefit Life Insurance could have asked for the medical prescription from Donny Ray. But they did not take such measure. It would not be apt to recommend punitive measures against the front office executives or the field officers for the failure of addressing the claims as it seems it was basically a management decision. The regulatory bodies and the government should play the active role to ensure that the laws are not bypassed and Federal regulations are not ignored. In this case, there were compromising corporate bylaws and state corporation laws. The ethical conduct in every sphere of the organization can be implemented by having audits after regular intervals as it would verify if every process is at par with the desired levels of standard. The interested company can also arrange for surveys to be filled up by the customers where they could report if they are satisfied with doing business with the company. Such measures would really help the companies have a good reputation in the market.