Halloween- Harmless Fun or Pagan Rituals – Essay Example

The paper "Halloween- Harmless Fun or Pagan Rituals?" is a great example of an essay on culture.
A ritual according to Merriam-Webster is a rite that is done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol (Ritual, 2009). It also may relate to ceremonies or rites that may be religious in nature. So many of our traditions and holidays have pagan influences or modified in order to fit in our modern times, sometimes they are adapted and used for commercialism such as Christmas and Halloween. One school in the United States renamed Christmas to ‘A Winter Carnival” so that it will not have any religious references (Gordon, 2000). Halloween was not banned or renamed even if its roots come from the Druid priests of the Celts because it does not have any religious significance.
Personally, two rituals are being observed by my family every year and it is Christmas and Halloween. These two rituals have been religiously observed even by my parents’ families when they were small. But the religious connotations with the rituals are not observed, but rather the commercial traditions of gift giving and Trick-or-treating are observed. Even mainstream society view these two holidays with their commercial value and not consider it religious roots or the rituals and pagan symbolism attached with the holidays.
Halloween symbolisms are also deemed as Satanic in nature with some rituals that Satanists perform on the said day. It is also always connected with the occult and the mysticism of witchcraft. One of the concerns stemming from parents with the observance of Halloween is the brutality of the satanic rituals during Halloween that involve the sacrifice of animals and even humans. There is concern over the enthusiasm of youth to dabble into these groups, and thus the observance of Halloween.
On a personal note, Halloween can be maintained on its commercialism and provide entertainment for kids and adults alike. If it can be maintained as such, concerns over the holiday being used for satanic rites may be avoided.