Should the Affirmative Action Programs Be Abolished, Amended or Left Alone – Essay Example

The paper "Should the Affirmative Action Programs Be Abolished Amended or Left Alone" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Mankind has evolved from Stone Age to present cyber age. It almost seems like a dream and proves the mettle of the human mind to think of the inconceivable but somehow in the entire race, we seem to be short-sighted. Looking at the current scenario though there is a need to protect the rights and welfare of those who have been suffering from discrimination but on the other hand, equilibrium has to be maintained for the welfare of the entire society. There is a high need to amend such affirmative action programs. The whole thing is based on the idea of class inequality. Some experts argue that such programs actually benefit the middle and upper-class minorities at the expense of the lower class. This can be amended by evolving a principle of ‘creamy layer’ within such minorities and gender group who have developed and have enough to do on their own without any need for assistance from such programs. This will help in the mobilization of resources and will indeed help the actual masses of such minorities and gender group. “Critics charge that affirmative action policies, which give preferential treatment to people based on their membership in a group, violate the principle that all individuals are equal under the law. These critics argue that it is unfair to discriminate against members of one group today to compensate for discrimination against other groups in the past. They regard affirmative action as a form of reverse discrimination that unfairly prevents whites and men from being hired and promoted.” (Finkelman) The program should encourage awareness to detect such creamy layer or the privileged group within such groups who take the advantage of affirmative programs. It is important to get statistical knowledge to get an idea regarding the present scenario and act based on those statistics. Therefore it is high time that necessary disciplinary actions should be taken and such programs are amended so that the purpose for which they are set up is achieved effectively and with great results favoring the target for which they are set up. Such an amendment will not only give an answer to critics but will also help in actually achieving the goals and effective remedy and aid are provided to groups who have actually suffered from discrimination.