Social Class Background – Essay Example

The paper "Social Class Background" is a great example of an essay on sociology.
Since centuries, society has played a significant and influential role in the physical, economic, and emotional development of individuals. Recent studies are indicating a number of societal influences that alter human decisions and actions in an influential manner. Personally, I think that social class has been very influential in a number of imperative decisions of my life. In other words, the economic standing of a family has a greater role in future actions and decisions of that family, and it happened in our case as well.
Education always remained a platform that enabled me to take efficient decisions; however, at the same time, the same platform was incapable of doing anything in front of the influences of the social class. In this regard, I always wanted to be a mathematics teacher, and continuation of school to acquire my degree is one of the major goals in my life. However, for a long period, I compromised with my education due to social class background that enforced me to work approximately twelve hours a day, seven days a week that did not allow me to concentrate on my studies, and inclined my thoughts and actions towards acquiring money and saving it for the improvement of family’s social status.
In this regard, the social class background plays a crucial role in the achievement or failure of expectations in different phases of life. Nowadays, I am providing my services as a manicurist, although the profession starts with the same alphabet, but has nothing to do at all with my expectations, and still, I have my goal of becoming a math teacher. Therefore, although social class background effects and influences various imperative decisions of human life; however, it often does not have an effect on the identified and expected goals in the life, and one can fulfill his/her dream by working hard and sincerely, as I did in my life.