Successfully Manage Work, School, and Family – Essay Example

The paper "Successfully Manage Work, School, and Family" is a worthy example of an essay on social science. Taking school s online lets me get a good education and lets my family see me studying. My family is so important, and this schooling will help me to be a good parent and husband. Education is very important for getting a good job in the future. It’s a lot of work even to take classes online, and there is a lot of studying to do and planning very carefully so there is time for everything. I am willing to accept those drains for the good of my family. I often stay up late to study, and my son has started to do that as well. He is fifteen, so he is in high school. He wants to grow up and get a good education to help this world and the family he wants to start. By showing him that even though it is not easy to go to school all the time, it is still important to finish what you start, I help him keep motivated. Keep motivation for goals and never give up; it wouldn’t be fair to him or to me. I came here from Cuba to get a good job and help people. That is what motivates me; helping sick people, helping my family, and helping myself to be better. That keeps me from giving up. Seeing my son follow in my footsteps and studying makes me smile. That makes me want to do even better. I can provide for my family and make them happy, and my son will not give up and always try to become smarter because he saw me do the same, and my chosen job will help to make people healthy. Bad things and stresses will come, but I can never lose my motivation.