The Effects And Development Of Adolescent Females Reared Fatherless – Essay Example

The paper “The Effects And Development Of Adolescent Females Reared Fatherless” is an exceptional example of an essay on family and consumer science.
Fatherless Integrated family and its value hold great importance in one's life. The issue of single parenthood causes certain problems in the life of a kid and a different set of problems in a teenager's life.
Fatherless adolescent females indulge into myriad maladies. Drug addiction, alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicidal tendencies, poor educational performance, teen pregnancy and criminal bent of minds are few of the most burning issues (Facts on Fatherless Kids, n.d.).
For any teenager and particularly for teen-aged girls it is quite important that they grow up watching both the parents as the love and care should be disbursed and responsibility should be taken by both in order to give a complete psychological nutrition. As the absence of any factor in the diet may lead to food deficiency, similarly absence of a father figure or mother figure might lead to certain psychological deficiencies.
A very recent research study by Rebekah Coley in the BPS Research Digest highlighted the fact that there is actually a significant role and effect of fathers on the life of the teenagers. According to the study, fathers appear to be a protective figure. Children who had more communication with their fathers are less involved in “delinquent behavior” like stealing and drug use (Davies, 2007).
A study on the father-daughter relationship in 2005 revealed that growing women, in absence of their father, disrupted their relationships with other male identities of their life as the feeling of perceived lack of interest from their father led to a sense of disrespect for men and this lead to some crucial shortcomings regarding their adjustment in their own family in the long run (Contemporary Nurse, n.d.).
Freud envisioned that fathers hold a very critical role simultaneously in both the Oedipal as well as the pre-Oedipal state. The loss of a father becomes critical and often causes hindrance and forms mental blocks in women all through their growing period (Jones, 2008).
Thus, from the researched facts and figures, it can be concluded that a child achieves her complete mental development if they grow up in a unit that consists of both the parents. The absence of father leads to many mental blockades in the development of a girl child and in the lack of a protective figure they become either more insecure or over-protective towards life or become overtly desperate to indulge into various sexual, drug or alcoholic abuses and crimes.