Traffic Accident – Essay Example

The paper "Traffic Accident " is a good example of an English essay. It was the morning rush hour, and time was not on my side again as I woke up a full half an hour late for work. I rushed; the morning had the promise to be a pain. Getting through the rituals of the private matter, I leaped across the room to find something appropriate to wear that wouldn’t require formalities like ironing. I settled upon an unwashed pair of Jeans and t-shirt that I stumbled upon under a pile of clothes. I found my shoes, and with one glance at the mirror, satisfied myself with the thought, that this is as best as it would get for the day, I rushed out. I waved my hand to the worries of my pocket, its budget, and a Rickshaw, and told it to hurry it up. And oblige he did. Just as we were about to violate the last law before my destination, it hit. A bike had tried to overtake us from the left as the signal opened, and had crashed into us, as we turned left. My driver denied the blame, putting the entire weight of it on the other party. As the argument finally settled, and the accused out of sight, he went for the path he had already selected for our destination. Some things, like putting the blame on someone else, and doing what we have set our mind to is almost second nature to us. Other things, like time management, however, are another story.