The Ideology of Victim Precipitation – Essay Example

The paper "The Ideology of Victim Precipitation" is a perfect example of an essay on social science. There is room for the concept of victim precipitation with regards to Homicide, but only in very specific circumstances. For example, we cannot say that just because someone has insulted another person and that person then kills the insulter that the killer has a defense. Not anything done by the victim can count as victim precipitation. This is a basic legal principle. That said if the victim physically instigates or causes the chain of events that leads to his or her death there is the possibility of the “killer” having recourse to a self-defense defense. Studies have shown the most victim-precipitated deaths happen in relationships between men and women. During an argument a man might strike out at his partner, the woman would then respond in an excessively aggressive way, and the situation would spiral quickly out of control.1 In a case like this, it is unlikely there would be a jury sympathetic to the man or to a claim of self-defense. But it is possible to see how an emotional dynamic can lead victim-precipitated violence to a deadly situation. If this model is used too frequently, it is fair to say that political judgments will be allowed to enter into the criminal justice system in a way that will be difficult to stop.2 The implication of an endorsement of this model will be to blame victims. For example, women may be told they are to blame for sexual assaults and they should “dress less seductively. This would be a very unfortunate state of affairs.