Measurement Of Strain – Lab Report Example

[Primary Contributor: ; Secondary Contributors The experiment has been done as part of the ME 272. The objective of the experiment is to determine the maximum strain at the (top) surface of a beam, and associate vertical deflection of the beam, after the beam is symmetrically loaded with different values of (a pair of ) weights. The load to the beam is applied by hanging equal weights at the two points located in symmetry. The equipment used are; beam apparatus and Strain-Gauge-bridge with its associated electronic gadgetry. The values of the strain ( ) readings from the strain bridge, corresponding weight values and upward deflection values (of the beam) are noted. A plot is drawn showing strain ( ) versus deflection (y) relationship. These measurements were necessary to verify the theoretical concepts and or equations. During the experiment first of all, at no-load the bridge is adjusted to show zero strain value. After setting the null position, through weights the beam is loaded symmetrically at two points with equal weights. The results obtained confirm the theoretical expectations. Deformation formula or equation derived theoretically is found to be in agreement with the experimental results.