My Career Network Network – Research Paper Example

My Career Network My Career Network January 22, 2007 My Career Network - Human RESOURCES Management - Executive Administrative My career network – human resources management executive means that I have the opportunity to advance my career in the field of human resources and to take up learning of new and emergent topics in this field. In career is essentially a series of progressions and forward looking moves that one make during the different working stages. The career network helps in acting as a guide and informal support mechanisms during these trying times. In addition, the network also helps to apprise me of possible openings as and when they are created. The network also helps me in finding out suitable applicants and for their recruitment as and when the occasion arises. What is most critical about the network is that it offers mentoring, guidance and help and since there are a number of seniors, I can get in touch with them to get expert advice on how to make the resume look more attractive and how to ensure that it gets sufficient eyeballs (University of Iowa, 2009).
The network would seen to be expanding as new members come in and old members move on to find other openings. As a result, one always hears about new openings and new avenues for career growth. Career management is the method through which an employee is empowered and with the help and support of the organisation and the career network, can plan, pursue and organize a career in an enabling environment. With an expanding network, there is no stagnation and a fresh perspective is evident all around. The network is facilitated through a dedicated portal and we keep in touch through the forums and other means (University of Iowa, 2009).

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