Sociology: Social Class – Research Paper Example

Social of the of the Concerned Subject
June 24, 2009
Social Class
The first person whom I questioned happens to be a friend of mine who is a doctor. Going by his profession, he belongs to the middle class. The main premise for allocating him this class distinction is that his earnings attribute to and limit his access to specific types of goods and services, external living conditions, quality of personal experiences and the power and the ability to provide goods and services of a specific economic value (Bendix, 1966). In other words, the salary and money earned by this person assure him an uninterrupted access to specific and special type of goods and services available in the market, largely, specify, and limit the nature and type of external living conditions that he can afford to enjoy. The type of personal experiences that this person has access to and can enjoy is also a direct function of his earnings. Besides, by the dint of his expertise and specialties, the type and nature of services that this person can provide to the society are also classified and limited through which he is able to earn his livelihood. The second person whom I questioned is a family friend who is serving as a teacher in a public school. Thus, an affiliation to the above mentioned attributes also place this woman in the middle class. Hence, the class situation of a person is primarily a market situation (Lasswell, 1965).
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