Sociology: Television And Socialization – Research Paper Example

A program that I watched growing up which taught me a lot about family values was A Different Stokes. The program was based on a family headed by a Caucasian businessman that decided to adopt two black children, Arnold and Willis. The two adoptive children who came from a poor neighborhood had adapt to a new life where they lived and upraise in upper class setting. I learned from this show that race does not matter at all when true love is involved. The widower father Phillip Drummond showed the kids what it takes to become fine upstanding citizens in this society. He helped them in their maturing process like a real father should do with his children. The show taught me the value of the value adoption has in a society. It showed me that an adoptive family can be as real and sometimes even more functional that a traditional family. The female daughter in the series called Kimberly was very fond of her adoptive brothers. As the series moved forward her relationship with Willis and Arnold became so real that she her actions depicted a relationship of real siblings. She became a more humble person thanks to the influence her step brother had on her. Phillip became a better man and very happy person because had the opportunity to share his life with two children that needed a positive role model in their life to grew as individuals. The show was very well written and the racial aspect of having a mixed family which in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was a bit more controversial than what it is today in the American society of the 21st century did not seem to matter that much because the topics covered in the different series episodes depicted family situations common to any American family.