Survey Questionnarie For Dissertation Topic Provided – Research Paper Example

Aids To Assimilate Data for Dissertation This study is aimed at understanding the correlation between the productivity of an enterprise and the knowledge of information technology (I. T.) or lack of it. The study attempts to take into consideration several factors. It is firstly to be considered whether the operations of enterprise require the aid of information technology as tools of production or as facilitation of affairs.
It is also considered whether the workforce is equipped to undergo I. T. training. The employees’ perception of utility is also a big factor in the impact of the said training. Several other factors such as the decrease in work hours, better relationship between management and employees will also be considered.
For this purpose, an anonymous questionnaire has been prepared.1 It is proposed that the said questionnaire be sent to 25 small and medium enterprises. On the basis of the data gathered from a survey through this questionnaire, the study will test the hypothesis which is formulated as follows.
“The productivity in an enterprise is increased by imparting training to its employees in Information Technology.”
The feedback estimated from about 1000 employees will be statistically analyzed to prove the above hypothesis.
Note: 1. This questionnaire is prepared with the aid of material from
1. What is your job in the enterprise?
(a )Management (b) Production Team Member (c)Clerical(d) Labour
2. Do you work in a shop/office where computers or other CNCs are used? Yes/No
3. What is your level of education?
(a )Primary (b) Secondary (c)Undergraduate (d) Graduate
4. How do you think the computers/CNCs are useful in the firm?
5. Was it better when there were no computers outside colleges?
(a) Yes (b) No (c) Can’t say(d) I have always seen computers.
6. Has your life become better because of computers?
(a) Yes (b) No (c) Can’t say(d) I have always seen computers.
7. Do you think I. T training has improved your life as an employee?
(a) Yes (b) No (c) Can’t say (d) I have always seen computers.
8. Do you think I. T. has benefited the firm overall/ If yes, how?
(a) Yes (b) No (c) Can’t say(d) I have always seen computers.
9. Do you think I. T training should be mandatory?
(a) Yes (b) No (c) Can’t say (d) I have always seen computers.
10. Has life changed for the worse after I. T training? If so, how?
11. Has your personal life become better after I. T. training?
12. If yes, How?
13. Do you get more time at workplace for routine chores after I. T. training?
14. Has the training decreased work hours?
15. Has the training helped the relationship between staff and management? If yes, how?
16. Did any members of the management attend the training with you?
17. Did this help you understand them better personally?
18. Has the I. T. training helped your team improve upon the target production?
19. As an employee of the firm, do you think the expense incurred on I. T. training is justified?
20. How do you justify your absence during time spent on the training as being viable to the firm?
21. Based on your own experience, do you think I. T. training should be mandatory for all small and medium enterprises?