Did Albert Einstein Have A Positive Or Negative Impact On The World – Research Proposal Example

Did Albert Einstein have a positive or negative impact on the world? Albert Einstein surely had a positive impact on the world because he asked of people to utilize their skills and intellect to the best possible levels. He gave them food for thought through his theories and philosophies. Also the manner in which Einstein went about utilizing his skills is another tangent that needs proper understanding. He made sure that his theories changed the face of the world and thus give the people a sense of defense within their folds. This happened because he outlined philosophies which were in close resemblance with the defense mechanisms all over the world. (Smolin, 2007)
His impact was positive also because he understood the psyche of mankind and thus devised new and novel ways and means through which world could be run in a better manner. His words of wisdom, similarly, sparked a sort of interest within the people as he usually said something which was never even envisaged by men and women of those times and even in the time and age of today. His understanding, related with different things of life, and hereafter were impeccable and very rational, thus giving each one of the human beings something to think deeply and that too, to the maximum limits possible. (Bernstein, 1996)
In the end, it would be wise to suggest that Albert Einstein did actually have a very positive impact on the world and its people. He will be remembered for a long, long time and his predecessors have all hailed him as the most intelligent man ever to have lived on the face of the earth.
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Word Count: 275