Intergrating Multimedia In The 1st - 6 Grade Classroom In Africa Art – Research Proposal Example

Multimedia has been improving in the recent years. There has been a drastic change when compared to the previous years. Multimedia is used in almost all the fields, particularly in educating the children. It can be integrated with the new media. Media has been developing and multimedia has played a major part in the development of media. Multimedia can be integrated with any of the media so that children can understand it better. (Manovich 2001).Art is one of the creative fields where multimedia plays a major role. The evolution and development of multimedia has been a boon to the field of arts. Students should be taught to use multimedia in their educational activities. The schools and the teachers should adopt new strategies to include multimedia. The teachers must develop a new strategy in which the arts and crafts can be taught using multimedia. Since multimedia involves interface that the user can handle easily, students will find it interesting to learn. The students will have an opportunity to work with an interactive tool which will increase their thirst for arts.
Internet is one among the best form of digital media. With the intervention of internet, multimedia has gone through a vast improvement. Though digital media has improved, multimedia has not been used to a full extent. If multimedia is properly incorporated with the new digital media, the media field can go heights. Students must be taught to work on the internet and to implement multimedia wherever possible. As internet offers more interactive and navigational features, students will learn it quickly. Internet has touched the lives of almost everyone and by making use of it in the education will improve the education system. Since multimedia is an excellent option for improving the arts, it should definitely be included in the education. This will pave way for more opportunities for the students to explore more in the field of arts. Implementing this strategy will help in educating the students at a faster rate. This in turn will improve the standard of education as the students can learn and practice the development tools in the digital media.
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