One Paragraph Describe Your Written And Oral Communications Skills – Scholarship Essay Example

Include one paragraph describing your written and oral communications skills. A panel of three judges will evaluate the applications for a scholarship. I show cattle this is for a scholarship through the cattle organization. I feel that I commnuicate very well, and am very outgoing. I am the National Cattle Queen for the USA and have to communicate at events with young and old to prompot the Hereford Breed of cattle
Being the National Cattle Queen is not about a pretty face, but about what lies behind the face. It requires excellent communications skills, poise and well developed people skills. It is my job to promote the Hereford breed by talking about and showing our beautiful prize cattle, and to popularize our organization at local and national events. I need to be able to communicate to large crowds as well as to small groups and individuals, and keep them interested in the development of the breed. This requires public speaking ability, the ability to write my speeches and also the ability to carry on succinct conversations with people from all walks of life. My written communications skills are evident in my school work and in this paragraph. In addition to all of this I have a deep interest in the field, a driving need to learn and a deep love for the breed. It is not my face that I show, but the beautiful white faces of our cattle.