Learn Effective Citation Through an Expert Sample Annotated Bibliography 

Referencing or citation is the most important way to give your work credibility as a student. In the course of writing essays, research papers, project proposals, dissertations, etc. you will inadvertently apply other scholars’ ideas and even use their own words without properly giving them due credit. The citation isn’t just important for helping you avoid plagiarism; it also proves to the reader that you have done enough due diligence on the study topic and acknowledge the works of other writers and scholars in the study area. As you write, you will make claims and assertions which need to be backed up by fact. Conclusive research which you can reference and sources which you can easily make available to the reader help back up your arguments and solidify your reputation as a true researcher.

Bibliographies and in-text citations are among the main methods of referencing, the formats of which depend on your specific study discipline. An annotated bibliography is a more authoritative form of citation, where a descriptive or evaluative paragraph follows the actual reference. The length of this paragraph may be anything from 100-200 words. There are specific rules which govern the creation of this type of bibliography, and which most students often confuse with regular reference lists or bibliographies. A sample annotated bibliography from our expert collection will assist you to understand how to accomplish an effective bibliography and develop further skills when it comes to all kinds of references.

Learn the Proper Bibliography Format & Different Referencing Techniques

Following this description, you may be tempted to think of an annotated bibliography as an abstract. However, the latter is just a summary of the entire journal or periodical meant to guide the reader through its various sections. The former is a more detailed critique or review of the text and can help a reader make an informed choice as to whether or not to use the source as part of their own research in the same topic that you explored. An annotated bibliography can be of the following types:

  • Informative annotations: These provide a summary of the source, highlighting any distinct features such as methodologies and theories applied, arguments raised, and the conclusions of the author.
  • Indicative annotations are a variant of the informative type and only aim to provide general information about the source used without delving into such opinionated details such as hypotheses, proofs, arguments or biased conclusions.
  • Evaluative annotations: Also called analytical annotations, these go beyond just providing a mere summary or description of the source, and also scrutinize the source including its authoritativeness and usefulness. A critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the material is presented, and a review of the quality of the source is provided.

The proper bibliography format always starts with the actual citation, the format of which depends on the requirements of your instructor. Generally, for a Chicago style annotated bibliography the citation portion is (title, author, publisher, date, etc.) The actual annotation or summary comes below this citation (for any referencing style) and is always indented relative to the citation above, which is the only portion that is flush left. Our annotated bibliography website will give you the best descriptions of different referencing styles and for different sources such as textbooks, journals, electronic sources, newspapers, magazines, etc.

MLA, ASA & APA Annotated Bibliography Examples

As mentioned, different referencing styles differ in their requirements for annotated bibliographies. These may be confusing for students especially undergraduates who have little experience working on reference lists let alone annotated bibliographies. We have numerous practical examples of the different bibliographies in the various referencing styles, but we’ll cover a number below just to enlighten you on the subtle-yet-important differences that exist between these. Note that only the citation changes and not the actual annotated portion.

  • For an APA annotated bibliography journal article entry:

Ruxton, C. (2016). Tea: Hydration and other health benefits. Primary Health Care 26(8), 34-42.

This is Author’s name, the title of the article, the title of the journal, volume number (issue number), page number.

  • For the same journal entry in ASA annotated bibliography:

Ruxton, Charles. 2016. “Tea: Hydration and other health benefits.” Primary Health Care 26(8): 34-42.

  • The same journal entry can be expressed as follows for an MLA annotated bibliography:

Ruxton, Charles. “Tea: Hydration and other health benefits.” Primary Health Care Vol 26 Issue 8 (2016): 34-42.

Note that only the actual citation changes, and not the annotated section which comes below this. The annotation paragraph is always indented regardless of the citation technique employed.

Tips to Writing Your Annotated Bibliography

The library is always a great place to get more information regarding your topic of research. Since most of these assignments will be critical or analytical in nature, it is important to have an idea of other scholarly perspectives on your selected source. This will help you make an informed and succinct analysis. Do your research on the author and check whether their writing is in an area of their expertise. How frequently is their work cited by other scholars? Google Scholar can give you a good idea of whether the source is credible or not. You also need to be aware of any revisions or edits that exist of the work. The intended audience is an important component of your critical analysis, as the publication may come off as too specialized yet aimed at a general audience.

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