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Architectural Design as a Complex Career with Many Paths
Personal ment for Masters Application Personal ment for Masters Application I want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Architectural design because I have always had the passion for design ever since I was a child. Architectural Design is a complex…
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Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World
Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World: Reading responses Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World: Reading responses McLeod, Mary. “Le Corbusier and Algiers.” Oppositions, 19/20, (winter/ spring 1980). 55-85 The above source…
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Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World
The paper "Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World" is a worthy example of an essay on architecture. In the early 1960s, the American embassies in the Arab world were under threat of rising anti-Americanism and therefore there was a need for designs to reflect security measures as well as public access control.…
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Vision Proposals for Safe Cities
The paper "Vision Proposals for Safe Cities" is a wonderful example of an essay on architecture. In the 19th century, large cities got characterized by pollution and congestion which contributed to impoverished living conditions for the residents.…
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Julia Morgan, Architect of Dreams
The paper "Julia Morgan, Architect of Dreams" is a wonderful example of an architecture assignment. “My buildings will be my legacy…. They will speak for me long after I’m gone.” Thus did Julia Morgan announce her retirement from architecture and the closing of her San Francisco office in May 1951.…
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Lionakis Beaumont Design Group
The paper "Lionakis Beaumont Design Group" is a wonderful example of an assignment on architecture. Architecture not only stands to be an integral aspect of a place, but it also happens to be the work of human creation that undeniably imparts a special and often a peculiar character to a place and many a time ends up becoming a defining part of its history.…
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The Restoration of Michelangelos Frescoes
The paper "The Restoration of Michelangelo’s Frescoes " is an excellent example of a thesis on architecture. The restoration of Michelangelo’s frescoes on the Sistine Chapel ceiling was necessary from Michelangelo’s time. A hastily built ceiling to satisfy a dying pope was Michelangelo’s canvas.…
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20th-Century Architecture
The paper "20th-Century Architecture" is a worthy example of an assignment on architecture. In a life full of complexities, one needs a place to relax and be soothed with functionality and simplicity. That is how one feels upon entering a contemporary abode influenced by the Bauhaus style. The above is quite simple with its box-shaped floor plan allowing for a free-flowing movement from one area to another.…
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Architects have to gain a lot of knowledge to enable them to have the ability to design magnificent buildings and also those that do not have negative impacts on the environment. By writing essays on various architecture thesis topics, these experts become more knowledgeable as they have to look through a lot of sources. This means that no student can underestimate the importance of these essays under any circumstance.

To have a refined final essay, one must research several credible sources, look at what other respected experts have to say about the topic and defend your viewpoint using relevant illustrations. Due to the strict guidelines that one must adhere to when writing architecture dissertation topics, students are forced to seek professional assistance with the writing process. Our company helps students come up with superb architecture papers at affordable costs.

Top Tips on Writing a Good Architecture Essay 

Architecture covers many fields. Looking at all these areas is not reasonable and may not be possible. If you want to write an exemplary architecture essay, you must first narrow down what you want to discuss. In simple terms, choose a point of view. For instance, you can decide to look at the topic from the environmental impact side, the technological aspect perspective of the building design point of view. Things become easy for you once you already know what to talk about in your essay. By determining what you want to do, you can then focus on the type of research to do.

The next step is doing the actual research on the topic you have selected. You can look at the various journals from respected industry professionals on relevant architecture research topics, do an analysis on the specific building if that is what the question requires or pick a historical building design perspective from which to base the argument of your essay.

Decide on the outline to use for the assay. Typically, architectural research papers have three parts; introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Writing the Introduction

If you are dealing with any work such as computer architecture topics, make the introduction brief. Choose words that attract the attention of your reader. Do not be too wordy as you may bore the reader. Towards the end, introduce the reader to the thesis statement where you highlight what the essay is about. Make the reader interested to read the rest of the paper.

Writing the Main Body

Present the main ideas, arguments, and point of view. For every idea you have, write it in a separate paragraph. Do not rely on hearsay but support your points using facts, figures, and other supporting evidence. When writing a modern architecture essay, you can include diagrams and other pictorial illustrations to make your essay more believable. Bring fresh personal thoughts into your essay to make the essay more elaborate as compared to those written by your colleagues.

How to Write the Conclusion

Here, you should give a review of the content of your essay while leaving the reader what to think about as they finish. You can give an opinion about the subject that is worth assessing and looking at in future. However, be careful not to introduce a new idea that has not been discussed in the body of your essay.

The Challenges of Writing Architecture Topics 

There are cases where students do not have the liberty to choose their architecture topics when required to write the essay. In such cases, the topic may appear complicated. A student may take a long time to comprehend the requirements of such a topic. In such a case, two scenarios are possible; the student is pressed for time, or the student fails to understand the topic completely.  Without proper comprehension of the topic, the student is likely to provide the wrong answer or use the wrong approach to tackle computer architecture research topics. Doing this demonstrates how incompetent you are in the field of architecture.

Some students also have poor research skills. They do not know the credible sources from which they can obtain their content. Worse still, others may source content from previously written essays. The information may not be relevant to their specific topic, or the paper may turn out to be overly plagiarized. The consequences of plagiarized papers are usually dire. One can either be asked to re-do the paper or be penalized through discontinuation from the course. Do not let such problems befall you when we are always willing and able to provide professional help to you as you deal with those sustainable architecture research topics.

Architecture students normally have a lot of work to attend to. They are expected to do a lot of assignments and read different books even beyond the time they spend in their normal classes. They also have to study for exams intensively. One may feel overwhelmed and by the time they settle down to work on the essays, they may not be in the right mental frame. Coming up with reasonable ideas at such a point is difficult. As a result, the paper written is incomplete and may fail to serve the intended purpose.

Furthermore, students doing Ph.D. architecture thesis topics often work and study at the same time. They have to take care of their pressing needs such as food and accommodation. The responsibilities at work are usually too pressing at times. By the time one settles down to do the architecture essays, they are too exhausted to produce anything reasonable. However, you can let us do the essays on your behalf as you concentrate on your job. Eventually, you are more likely to succeed in your work-place and at the same time obtain a good grade.

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Some students also opt for assistance from companies that do not have a reputation for producing nice papers. The personnel such companies have cannot conduct proper research and produce plagiarized content. Worse still, the quality of papers that they write can easily sell you out to your instructor that you have received assistance. Besides, they cannot keep your personal information safe. Do not rely on such companies when we have proven that we do architecture essay topics with a professional touch.

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