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Articles are a popular type of writing not just in academia but also in media and expository pieces or blogs. Articles are a great way for students to improve their writing skills and although only slightly less formal than the typical academic essays, they do adhere to the same rules. Articles are all around us in newspapers, magazines, blogs, scientific journals, etc. They showcase most of the features of well-researched informative essays with a more relaxed structure that students might appreciate. While most articles carry the writer’s opinion, their presentation is always factual and should serve to shed new light on a topic through unique perspectives. The intent is always to inform or convince the reader of a subject through the adequate presentation of evidence. The article should have a defined thesis, hypothesis or research question which you aim to answer. Articles are generally interesting to read because they present facts, opinions or fresh insights free from the structural inhibitions imposed by regular academic documents such as dissertations and research papers. Seeing as most students might not be able to adequately discern the difference between articles and other types of writing, reliable online help such as what we offer might come in handy.

Reliable Pointers on Effective Article Writing

Full scholarly integrity should always be maintained when writing articles, through citation (footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, etc.).  Language use may be formal or informal depending on the context and writing objectives. The subject of the articles should also be relevant to a certain field. Your article is meant to spur the interest of the reader. Therefore you should always maintain a conversational tone, and try to keep it interesting through the use of such devices as irony, sarcasm, suspense, or occasional humor.

If you need an article example in whatever subject or discipline, our experts have got you fully covered. We have got examples for all levels, from high school to doctoral studies. If the task requires you to produce a review of an already existing article, get an article critique example from our collection. Maybe you want to learn how to succinctly recap information from a larger article, in which case get an article summary example from our experts.

Improve Your Critiquing Skills with an Article Review Example

Any article that you write should always be consistent and should not deviate from the primary premise or thesis that you intend to communicate to your audience. With a critique, keep in mind that you are reviewing the article itself and not the topic. The scientific or literary piece becomes the subject of your writing. However, you still need to possess an adequate grasp of the subject being addressed by the article’s author. An article analysis example will show you just how to develop unique and independent insights instead of simply providing a vague summary. The critique or analysis should provide adequate facts leading up to an original conclusion. An article review example will highlight any gaps in the author’s presentation or thought process, showcase the effectiveness of stylistic devices employed, whether the message is relayed successfully to the intended audience and whether the argument being brought forth by the author is valid. What is the consensus in the area of scholarly research that the writer addresses? If there is a deviation, what basis does the author put forth to underpin his/her thesis? You should pay keen attention to every detail of the article you are critiquing, including any biases that the author holds. A critique example will help you develop your own thoughts about the writer’s work and technique in addition to imbuing you with more knowledge about the study topic itself.

Learn How to Highlight Stories with an Expert Feature Article Example 

If you are in literature or journalism class, or if you’ve ever picked up a newspaper or a magazine you’ve probably come across feature articles. These are non-fictional works which employ a relaxed narrative style, yet present the audience with engaging and interesting facts. The reporting style is usually reserved for the writer’s own expressive economy, although informal reporting should be kept to a good minimum. A feature story is meant to be interesting and connect emotionally with the audience, entertaining them but also providing enough fact to give them new insights on a topic of social significance. Whether you are writing a human interest story or a typical news article, if it involves a real-life plot complete with characters, you have a feature article on your hands. These articles might be as long as 2000 words or more, and the structure combined with the length is usually a problem for most students who aren’t used to writing anything greater than a few hundred words. That’s where a feature article example from our team comes in handy. Through the examples we provide, you’ll learn different but essential elements of such writing designed to make your work stand out, as elaborated in the next paragraph.

Key Tips to Remember About Writing Feature Articles

Choosing a topic to write about is important, and your story has to have a strong element of human significance attached to it. Otherwise, it will not resonate with the intended audience. The topic may be provided for you, or you may need to choose your own. Research is the backbone of this writing genre, and since this is a work of non-fiction, it is important that you do thorough research on your subject and present facts. You can collect information through primary source methods such as interviews and questionnaires, or you can do so by citing secondary sources and other authored works on the same subject. As to the structure of a feature article, there is no basic rule as to what the format should be. It all depends on what you as the writer find most effective in channeling your thoughts to the audience. A general rule is to have a catchy title, an interesting introduction with a hook (and a thesis) that should interest your reader to move ahead with reading the article, and body paragraphs that are divided into sections such as background information on the topic, what your research revealed, pointed questions addressed to the audience, etc. It should also have a strong conclusion that wraps the main idea up with the results that your research yielded and your own personal opinion on the matter. A feature article will incorporate rhetorical questions, comparisons, and contrasts, anecdotes, facts, and statistics, etc.

Access a Wide Variety of Article Examples

What kind of articles can you expect to access from our huge collection? We have well-written examples covering all subject areas in high school, and the majority of disciplines and sub-disciplines in college and graduate studies. Having writers who are also experts in these practical fields helps us to deliver crisp, well-researched documents that should impress any of your professors. A few of these examples are elaborated below:

  • Articles of confederation examples: Prior to the adoption of the current constitution (and its amendments) there were the Articles of Confederation (March 1, 1781-March 4, 1789). These set out the consensus of the original thirteen states to work together under a common government while still maintaining autonomy. They also set out provisions for military cooperation between the states, freedom of travel, citizen rights and privileges, and setting up of a national legislature. Who were the authors of the Articles and what were the various disagreements before final ratification?
  • Profile article example: A profile is just a feature story about a person. There are persons of human interest to others, and a good example for the modern engineering student is Elon Musk, who is a techie but an engineer at heart. We have covered his work, all the way from to Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City. However, your profile doesn’t have to focus on a famous person. You could do a feature of an intriguing person in your community, a CBO, a startup or other corporate entity that is doing things differently.
  • Definite articles in Spanish examples: Most people who are used to speaking English can’t quite make the transition to spoken and written Spanish without some guidance. Our examples have covered rules for definite articles, e. El, La, Los, Las, where applied with general nouns, abstract nouns, parts of the body, etc., and also gender-specific cases. These are informative for English speaking learners who are struggling with the underlying concepts.
  • Journal article review example: There are countless peer-reviewed journals that you may be asked to consider for your class. You should provide a thorough, unbiased critique after reading and understanding the journal article, and also compare/contrast the findings of your work to other reviews of the same.

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We have plenty of article examples, from original samples which you can order at low prices to examples which detail how to write an article, article reviews or profiles. Our work is original and crafted by experts to give you the most out of the educational process. Order your professional paper today and see your article writing abilities entirely transformed!

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