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Measuring the Concentration of Carbon Monoxide Using Gas Detection Tube
Measuring the concentration of carbon monoxide using gas detection tube Introduction Gas detector tubes by definition are thin glass tubes with calibration scales printed on them whereby the concentrations of the substance (vapors and gases) that is…
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What Factors Affect The Intensity Of The Color
INVESTIGATION: WHAT FACTORS AFFECT THE INTENSITY OF THE COLOR? Introduction The lab experiment goal performed during this experiment was to find out all the factors that affects the intensity of the color solution and how fun colors are that will aid…
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Polarimetry: Separation of racemic mixture phenylethylamine
Polarimetry: Separation of racemic mixture phenylethylamine Introduction: Enantiometers are the chiral molecules with same physical properties except the rotational direction of the plane polarized light. One enantiomer will rotate the polarized…
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The Physical Properties of Metals and Their Corrosion
To determine the physical properties of metals and their corrosion This experiment involved testing the physical properties of metals including brittleness and their hardness. The experiment also involved determining the corrosion on the metal.…
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Two Oxidation States of Vanadium
Lab Report: Two Oxidation s Of Vanadium Introduction Vanadium is mostly used to make alloys for tools, construction elements and engine parts. Amixture of vanadium and gallium can be used to produce superconductive magnets. In industry, vanadium…
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Photochemical Formation of Hydroxyl Radical from Effluent Organic Matter -the Role of Composition
Photochemical Formation of Hydroxyl Radical from Effluent Organic Matter: Role of Composition Hydroxyl radical (HO is aneutral state of hydroxide ion (HO-). The hydroxyl radicals form an important part in the radical chemistry because they are…
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How Much Hydrogen Peroxide is in Bleach
Amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in Bleach Introduction The main use of bleach is to eradicate stains from cloth materials. Bleaching can be referred to as oxidation reaction in other words. For instance, some bleaches use ions as their oxidizing agents.…
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The Elements, Chemical Reactions, Water and Solution
The Elements, Chemical Reactions, Water and Solution Lecturer The Elements, Chemical Reactions, Water and Solution This paper seeks to detail a proposal for elements, chemical reactions, water and solution. This indicates the significance of…
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Cocaine in Money
The paper "Cocaine in Money" is a great example of a chemistry lab report. This experiment aims at finding out whether some money is contaminated with cocaine. Cocaine is amongst the money banned hard drugs due to its effect on the human system when abused. The drug, however, is always illegally circulating, with so many criminals handling it.…
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Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
The paper "Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer" is a worthy example of a chemistry assignment. Synthetic organic silicates that broke in the polymer nanocomposites are customized with a surfactant modifier. Most of the surveys show that the segments of copolymers like TPE-Es when engaged, they result in the connection with different segments.…
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Effects of Reducing Sugars, Starch, Lipids and Proteins
The paper "Effects of Reducing Sugars, Starch, Lipids, and Proteins" is a great example of a lab report on chemistry. These series of experiments allowed us to see the effects of reducing sugars, starch, lipids, and proteins when they interest with different agents. …
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Just like in any other report writing task, there are standard procedures that students need to follow in making a research paper. Our company offers the best tips on organic chemistry writing that will help a student improve their academic performance.

First, the student needs to come up with a unique proposal idea. This process poses one of the biggest challenges in creating organic chemistry topics. However, with the correct guidance and focus, this is a very easy task.

It is imperative to undertake thorough research on the topic. This can involve reading books, publications and previous research on chemistry essay topics. One can also consult with colleagues to assist them with unique and innovative ideas. The internet also forms a vital resource for research material.

Upon completing your research, you need to formulate a thesis statement. It will guide all the other activities in the process. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a proper understanding of a topic before you begin. After this step, you then need to organize the format of your paper. The following is the recommended format.


This section will give explaining your theses, what it aims to achieve and the implications of your findings. Usually, it is a relatively short section that can cover one or two pages. Our company offers numerous chemistry extended essay examples that can assist you in learning more about the desired structure.

A literature review

In this section, a student needs to analyze different findings and views of other authors. The aim is to showcase that the chosen thesis or dissertation topic is relevant to the field of study. It also gives the student more ideas on how to carry out the research.


Here the student explains why it is necessary to carry on with a given project. Most of the time this section states a given problem and the need to conduct research and find a lasting solution or gain a deeper understanding of a given phenomenon in chemistry.


This section highlights the procedures that the student will follow during the entire course of the research. We have organic chemistry study material that offers proper guidelines on how to conduct various experiments.


This section highlights all the findings in the research paper.


In the discussion section, students then analyze the results from the data. This is the stage whereby they determine whether their hypotheses had a positive or negative outcome. They can also support the results through cited sources.


This section summarizes all the findings and discussions and gives a final statement about the concept behind the research and the implications.

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