Free E-Commerce Essay Examples & Topics

Operational Risk Related to E-Commerce: IT Sabotage
The paper "Operational Risk Related to E-Commerce: IT Sabotage" is an outstanding example of an e-commerce essay. IT sabotage of cyber is a serious problem that many businesses have faced repeatedly. This is when cybercriminals access a company’s computer networks illegally to steal or tamper with the data or information stored there.…
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E-Business Venture
The paper "E-Business Venture" is an excellent example of an e-commerce essay. There is a wide range of E-business models that a business can adopt for generation of revenue. E-Commerce is an internet-based business platform that allows a business to conduct its operations and marketing activities using online measures.…
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TV Commercial
The paper "TV Commercial" is a brilliant example of an e-commerce essay. Television commercials were the most fascinating to watch because of the music and bizarre and daring videos. I remember having danced and singalong with a lot of commercials as a kid and I used to like watching them better than the other television programmes.…
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The Net: A Market Too Perfect For Profits
The paper "The Net: A Market Too Perfect For Profits’" is a perfect example of an article on e-commerce. The article titled  ‘The Net: A Market Too Perfect For Profits’ basically explains the challenges for the e-commerce companies to have sustainable profit from e-commerce based businesses. The objective of this essay is to review this article and analyze the economic concepts employed in the article.…
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Intense Competition Observed in E-Commerce
The paper "Intense Competition Observed in E-Commerce" is a wonderful example of an assignment on e-Commerce. This paper explores a published article that reports on results from research conducted online (internet) mainly focusing on the four reasons for intense competition observed in E-Commerce.…
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Business has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. One major development is the rise of e-commerce. This is a phenomenon whereby the buying and selling of goods occur over the internet without the need for physical markets. Cash is also not necessary as people can make electronic monetary transactions.

Since this is a relatively new area in business studies, many students are unable to come up with e-commerce topics when faced with a writing task. Some do not follow the latest developments in business technology while others cannot grasp the main concepts of this subject.

How to Write an E-Commerce White Paper

One can wonder, what is an e-commerce white paper? This is an authoritative and detailed report. It presents an E-commerce problem then provides a solution. For instance, product marketers can educate potential customers about an issue or make a promotion using a whitepaper. Whitepapers usually require some personal information such as email addresses to be accessed. This makes them an effective tool for generating leads.

To write a whitepaper, you need to observe the following basic steps.

Create an interesting topic that will attract the reader’s attention. Next, descriptively write the essay showing professionalism. It is advisable to use a business-oriented style. Your introduction must be captivating to capture the reader’s attention right from the start. Inform them of the possible gains they will obtain by reading the paper. In case you are trying to sell a product, mention it at the end in addition to a catchy promotional statement.

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