Free Environmental Studies Essay Examples & Topics

Visiting Saint Edward State Park
Report on the visitors at Saint Edward Park Report on the visitors at Saint Edward Park 0 Introduction Saint Edward State Park is a 128-hectare park situated in kenmor, Washington. It is part of the Washington state parks and was once a Catholic…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kyoto Protocol and the Canadas Participation In This International Agreement
Kyoto Protocol Kyoto protocol Introduction It is an international contract linked to the United Nations Framework conference on climate transformation. It commits its parties by situating internationally obligatory emission decrease targets. This…
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The Explosion at the Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig - Root Causes of the Incident, Codes Violated by Management, Possible Preventive Measures to Prevent an Accident
Fire at Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Introduction A lot of catastrophic fires in the United s are as a result of human behaviours and activities. This paper will analyze the explosion which occurred at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. Additionally,…
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Causes and Effects of Global Warming
Causes and Effects of Global Warming: Introduction: The 19th century and prior to that was faced by the challenges of social upheaval, inequality, injustice and struggle for scientific quest. The 21st century beginning, in contrast is marred by a…
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The Explosion Followed by a Fire on the Deepwater Horizon Semi-Submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, Its Causes, and Consequences
Deepwater Horizon Fire Deepwater Horizon Fire The synopsis is in relation to the detonation of the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon. The explosion occurred on April 20, 2010 which was consequently followed by a fire on the Deepwater Horizon…
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HHO Generator for Cars
HHO generator for cars/buses HHO generator for cars/buses That the world is moving towards renewable energies, that limit emission, is a global fact. Environmentalists have warned of the dire consequences of increased fuel consumption and their…
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Assessing Lower Canopy
Assessing lower canopy, LOD attributes Assessing lower canopy, LOD attributes Objectives To gain experience in the application oftwo transect sampling techniques. Point transect sampling for lower canopy vegetation and, Line intersect sampling for…
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Global Warming Controversies and Impact of Human Activity on Climate Change
Global Warming Controversies al Affiliation Global Warming Controversies The impacts of climate change are undeniable as the evidenceis everywhere in the form of persistent droughts, wildfires, violent storms, and excessive rainfall in various areas…
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Debate on Global Warming: Scientific Basis
Debate on Global Warming: Scientific Basis Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth's surface and troposphere. The term global warming is used interchangeably with “climate change,” referring to the other climatic…
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Defenders of Wildlife - the US Environmental Organization Which Aims to Conserve the Biodiversity in Various States
Environmental Organization Environmental Organization Defenders of Wildlife is one of environmental organizations in the United States. It is a non-profit organization that was started in the year 1947 to serve the country. The goal of the…
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Atmospheric Alterations
The paper "Atmospheric Alterations" is an outstanding example of a PowerPoint Presentation on environmental studies. Unprecedented alterations in climate are occurring. The incessant climate transformations on earth will change life on this planet. Today, atmospheric changes are real. The climate has altered evidently, tangibly, and visibly.…
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Climate Change on the Population of Checkerspot Butterflies
The paper "Climate Change on the Population of Checkerspot Butterflies" is an outstanding example of an essay on environmental studies. The purpose of the study was to research the effect of climate change on the population of two species of checkerspot butterflies. The questions asked in the study were whether long-term trends in climatic means could reduce overlap by hastening plant senescence.…
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Climate Change Hastens Population Extinctions
The paper "Climate Change Hastens Population Extinctions" is a perfect example of an article on environmental studies. The authors looked at two known extinct populations of checkerspot butterfly and predicted that variability in rainfall contributed to the loss of its habitat, hastening its extinction. This butterfly was dependent on a specific host plant for the survival of its larvae.…
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Climate Change on the Checkerspot Butterflies
The paper "Climate Change on the Checkerspot Butterflies" is a worthy example of an assignment on environmental studies. The purpose of the trial was to study the effect of climate change on the population of two species of checkerspot butterfly. One question asked in the study was whether precipitation variability affected the interaction between host plant and larvae.…
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Global Warming
The paper "Global Warming" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. It was the second of February, 2007, when the United Nations scientific panel studying climate change stated that human activity indeed greatly influence climate change. The report outlined this activity as ‘very likely’ is the reason for the change.…
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Is There Really any Need for Recycling
The paper "Is There Really any Need for Recycling" is a worthy example of an assignment on environmental studies. Believing (points in favor) based on article It really cuts down on the trash.” If it’s not recycled, it only creates more landfills, such as the 4 square miles one at Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site.…
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The Great Kanto Fire
The paper "The Great Kanto Fire" is a good example of an environmental studies essay. The Great Kanto fire was caused by a natural disaster – the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923. It was considered the worst fire disaster ever. It burned for 43 hours and left 43% of the Tokyo City in ashes, killing 105,000 people.…
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Dumping in Indiana Rivers and its Effects on the Environment
The paper "Dumping in Indiana Rivers and its Effects on the Environment" is a worthy example of a research paper on environmental studies. Rivers have played an important role in the progress of nations worldwide since historic times. They have been used as a source of water, for food, for transport, for recreation, as a means of defense, to generate power, and increasingly in modern times, for disposing of waste.…
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Establishing a Recycling Club
The paper "Establishing a Recycling Club " is a wonderful example of an assignment on environmental studies. In ancient days humans coexisted with nature. However, industrialization and development changed the situation drastically. At present almost all human actions generate waste in various forms and in huge quantities causing damage to the environment.…
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The Future of Floridas Oceans
The paper "The Future of Florida’s Oceans " is a good example of an assignment on environmental studies. As a concerned citizen, I am moved and besieged by the impending threats to the oceans of Florida these past decades due to unprecedented and irrational coastline overdevelopment, global warming, pollution, and relentless fishing practices.…
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Is Mankind Dangerously Harming the Enviroment
The paper "Is Mankind Dangerously Harming the Environment" is a perfect example of an assignment on the environmental studies. Global warming is a term commonly used to describe the consequences of man-made pollutants overloading the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases causing an increase in the average global temperature, the subject of great debate and concern worldwide.…
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Global Effects of Environmental Pollution
The paper "Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" is a wonderful example of an assignment on environmental studies. The introduction of contaminants in the environment which results in disorder, instability, discomfort, and harm to the ecosystem is called pollution. The ecosystem includes living organisms and physical systems.…
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The Differences between Fire & Combustion
The paper "The Differences between Fire & Combustion " is an excellent example of an essay on environmental studies. Combustion is the chemical process that takes place when two or more combustible fuels react in the presence of an oxidizer (usually the oxygen in the air) and Fire is usually the visible sign of the combustion process.…
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Sturgeon Conservation
The paper "Sturgeon Conservation" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. The sturgeon is a kind of fish in the Midwest which is more prominent as its roes have been used to produce caviar, a kind of luxury food in the world.…
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Global Warming The Problem and a Solution
The paper "Global Warming – The Problem and a Solution" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. Global warming is the increase in the surface temperature of the earth which may, in turn, bring about certain changes in the climate throughout the world. …
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Best Assistance and Tips on Environmental Science Topics

Environmental science is a broad field of study that integrates multidisciplinary concepts aiming at creating a full understanding of natural processes and the interconnectedness of different ecosystem. Therefore, environmental science topics come in many different categories each with specific principles and unique concepts. Our company will offer the best assistance that meets all your writing needs.

What Are the Major Environmental Science Research Topics?

Environmental science is a conglomeration of different major physical and biological sciences that aim at solving the major environmental problems facing the world today. For this reason, environmental science research topics can fall under the following sub-categories of the field.

Climatology and Ecology

Climatology referees to the study of weather patterns as well as climates of different areas across the globe and monitors how they change over time. Furthermore, it also examines the effects of human activity on the environment.

Ecology deals with how living organisms relate to one another and their immediate environment. A habitat where different organisms live and interact is known as an ecosystem. The interrelationship between different ecosystems is also a major theme in environmental science essay topics. We have astute writers who are specialists in the fields mentioned above. Once you hire our services, rest assured that you will get professionally written papers on these topics.

Botany, Zoology, and Conservation

Botany is the study of plants and their characteristics. It involves taxonomy which is the scientific naming of plants, plant reproduction, and many other sub-categories. Zoology, on the other hand, deals with the study of animals.

Conservation is also one of the topics related to environmental science environmental studies. An environmental science essay in this sub-category commonly deals with the preservation of nature and the environment to create healthy living conditions for all animals and plants. It aims to ensure that future generations can still enjoy a safe and clean environment. The essay topics under conservation usually discuss issues on forestry, rangelands management, fisheries conservation, animal and plant health, catchment protection as well as wildlife management.

 Getting a good understanding of all these sub-categories requires thorough research skills and dedication. There are students who are poor researchers while some do not have ample time to write and research. This might be due to a number of factors beyond their control such as family responsibilities and excessive academic workload. We can effectively reduce this burden and solve all your writing issues with our top-class services.

How to Write Environmental Science Project Topics

In environmental studies, students are usually required to write both essays and undertake research projects. This course, therefore, involves a considerable amount of writing activities. There are important steps to observe to write a good essay.

Writing an essay

First is the choice of the topic. Sometimes the instructor can assign a specific topic to be undertaken by students. Once you have identified the topic, you should then gather adequate research. This will help you get ideas and learn about more concepts.

The next step is to create an outline of your essay. This outline can be diagrammatically represented through a flowchart, or you can write a list. After the outline, you can then proceed with the writing.

The first section is the introduction. Here you will write your thesis statement to inform the reader of the main agenda of your topic. You will then proceed to write the body where you discuss the main environmental science paper topics in detail. After that, a student should write a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes all the key points and gives a closing remark.

Writing a project paper

A project is considerably different from an essay. It involves much deeper research as well as numerous experiments and field activities. Studies dealing with pollution, conservation and environmental impact assessments require students to write a lot of projects. There are steps to be followed to come up with good environmental science project topics.

First, proper research is necessary. Spend some time meditating on which project you want to place your focus. You can consult with the instructor or even friends on viable ideas. But most importantly, you should refer to books and online sources. The format for a project paper entails an introduction, literature review, justification, results, discussion and finally the conclusion.

In the introduction, you will write a thesis statement that is a guide for your paper. You can include a null as well as an alternative hypothesis that will be tested in your results. The literature review will involve all your cited sources. Justify your thesis by describing the necessity of your project for the benefit of the environment. Write down the findings than discuss them accordingly. The conclusion summarizes all the important details of your results and discussions and stresses on the essence of your paper.

Therefore, whether it is a project paper or a simple essay, we have the best tips as well as remarkable writers who will deliver outstanding pieces. They have mastered various aspects of environmental studies at their fingertips.

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