Free Information Technology Essay Examples & Topics

SUH Case Study Analysis And Recommendation
Memorandum Rock Martin (CEO) Director of Information Technology July 4, IT Solution for Corporate Financial and Inventory Management 1.0 Challenge/Opportunity Area for SUH SUH Incorporated has a challenge in the area of Corporate Financial and…
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Case Study: OilCO & ExploreCO
OilCO & ExploreCO: CASE STUDY Compare and contrast the implementation of OilCO and ExploreCO. What were the similarities and differences between the two implementations? The companies realised the need for making fundamental changes in the business…
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Law And Policy Case Study
Law and Policy Case Study Legal policies are detrimental for any organization to comply with before it sets up or it implements any new system in place. Information security is critical and necessary within any organization. This is because,…
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CIS210 Case Study 2: Application Architecture Due Week 8
Application Architecture Number) February 12, (Faculty Application Architecture Introduction Most people hardly reach an agreement when it comes to the definition of architecture. Applications architecture happens to be the building block of…
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The Impact Of Mobile Devices On Cybersecurity, Style - Expository Essay
The impact of mobile devices on cyber security Grade (Feb. 21st, The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity Cyber security is a menace that will continue to thrive and cause harm to consumers of different technological products, as long as…
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Wake Forest Tablet Case Study Reponse
Tablet Computing In today’s society, computers, tablets and iPads have become part and parcel of many people. In fact, even the old aged who were at first reluctant and even opposed to the use of these electronic gadgets are beginning to learn and…
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Describe A Recent Advancement Or Development In The Field Of Information Systems That Has Influenced
Describe A Recent Advancement Or Development In The Field Of Information Systems That Has Influenced Your Decision To Pursue Or Enhance Your Career In Information Systems. Describe How This Development Would Influence or Improve Operations or…
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Research Paper: Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Microsoft Dynamics ERP Introduction: In this paper, focus will be on the Microsoft Dynamic ERP product CRM. Different aspects regarding the CRM are searched out to answer the related questions. Customers’ review and CRM based ERP adopting…
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Wireless LAN Case Study
Affiliation Wireless LAN Case Study Analysis This paper seeks to analyze the issues that are presented in the Wireless LAN caseStudy Analysis. The study is mainly focused on providing an analysis of traffic and congestion control on Wireless LAN…
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How SAP HANA Addressed Under Armour’s Corporate Problems Affiliation: How SAP HANA Addressed Under Armour’s Corporate ProblemsIntroduction SAP HANA is an internal memory column-oriented, relational management system which is created and managed by…
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Annotated Bibliography
Leon, N. (2009). The future of computer-aided innovation. Computers in Industry, 60(8), 539- 550. This article talks about the invention of computer aided devices. The authors denote that computer aided devices is an important innovation in the…
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Research Paper
Personally Identifiable Information Personally Identifiable Information Various agencies and organizations maintain information about individuals to facilitate easy identification process. The information is mainly used to either trace or…
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Information Technology: History and Practice
The paper “Information Technology: History and Practice” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. The advent of the computer and the progress in the world of information technology has brought a major change in each and every industry. Whenever and wherever the information technology is used a change can be seen.…
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Information Technology, Globalization, and International Financial Architecture
The paper "Information Technology, Globalization, and International Financial Architecture" is an outstanding example of an essay on information technology. Modern technology has been increasingly equated with those of computing and information, which in these past years have revolutionized the way people communicate and conduct business.…
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Virtual Customer Environments
The paper "Virtual Customer Environments" is an outstanding example of an assignment on information technology. The development of computer technology has aided the development of Virtual Environments. These technology-based customer forums have proved to be invaluable to companies who have been able to build closer links with customers, especially in innovation and value creation.…
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Programmable Logic Controllers
The paper "Programmable Logic Controllers" is a wonderful example of a research paper on information technology. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a computer used in industries to supervise input variables and give corresponding outputs based upon the computational logic stored in it. PLC supports standard I/O connections and is compatible with standard signal levels.…
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Internet2 as a Computer Technology
The paper "Internet2 as a Computer Technology " is a brilliant example of an essay on information technology. Internet2 is the new creation of the Internet or it can be said that it is the enhanced version of the internet. It is an extremely high rated network urbanized by an unprofitable group of universities, industry, and government to make the trade of compound information rapid.…
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Sources of Information on the Internet
The paper "Sources of Information on the Internet" is a good example of an essay on information technology. When writing academic papers, have to be sure that sources are reliable and true. There are many sources of information available on the internet, but they aren’t always reliable and are often not true.…
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Basics of a Computer System
The paper "Basics of a Computer System" is a good example of an essay on information technology. A typical home-based computer system has a Central Processing Unit (CPU), a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, etc. The CPU is the brain of a computer which does all the computation works inside based on the inputs provided through the keyboard or mouse.…
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Operating System Software and Application Software
The paper “Operating System Software and Application Software” is an exceptional example of an assignment on information technology. Operating System software (OS) is the software of a computer system which guides one computer user to perform his computer functions from the time he switches on the computer until he switches it off.…
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Advantages of the Internet Towards Society
The paper "Advantages of the Internet Towards Society" is a wonderful example of a thesis on information technology. The prime idea of obtaining information timely and accurately ensures saving effort and time. The communication aspect is capitalized for its behavior among This factor and all other factors combinedly have taken a stand to define the Internet.…
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Key Points for Communicating Successfully through E-mail
The paper "Key Points for Communicating Successfully through E-mail" is a delightful example of an assignment on information technology. The use of electronic mail or e-mail in organizations has become a necessity for communicating with internal or external parties. However, it is also necessary to educate users about the do’s and don’ts of e-mail correspondence.…
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What is a Database
The paper “What is a Database” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. A database is an organized mechanism that is often used to store, manage and retrieve information and data. It is basically a structured collection of records or data that are stored in a computerized system.…
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Information Technology as a Business Support Function
The paper "Information Technology Information Technology as a Business Support Function" is an excellent example of a research paper on information technology.Information technology is serving as an imperative facet in approximately every aspect of our daily life. …
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Algorithms Depth-First Search and the Breadth-First Search
The paper "Algorithms Depth-First Search and the Breadth-First Search" is a brilliant example of an information technology assignment. Algorithmic is a branch of science but according to David Harel, it is “much more than that and is instead the core of computer sciences”.…
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What Are Information Technology Examples?

The struggle is real and gets even more real by the day in the scope of Information Technology. It is a broad and constantly growing scope of the technology world hence information technology examples are always changing, and the list keeps growing. But to be able to get these examples one needs first to understand what Information Technology is. This term has been defined differently by different bodies and organizations but what it means in simple terms is the technology that is used to acquire, store, process and organize data to useful information it deals with the design and integration of multiple systems of structured cable and wireless information technologies. Appropriate information technology study material is required for IT personnel to understand IT.

Some examples of Information technology may come in the form of robots, sensors, computers, decision support systems (DSS) and many more others.

Help Me Find Information Technology Essay Topics

 Despite your expertise in the scope of IT, you may experience difficulty when trying to find information technology essay topics, and that is totally normal. Given the broadness of it as a subject, it is understandable there can be some confusion in identifying topics for research.  There are a couple of options of areas for research. These areas include Software, computer sciences, computer security and threats, engineering, internet, contemporary art and web design, data storage and manipulation, energy and Technology in construction and manufacturing. Being the core of the ever-changing technology, IT is prone to new improvements and disqualification of some area every day.

Some of the reasons that may prompt an individual to seek help in an area that may seem trivial to others include its time-consuming nature.

With all this at hand, it may prove a little bit hectic for someone to keep up with the latest trend in the sector. But not to worry, our group of skilled IT personnel with amazing skills in writing can keep track for you.

This will enable them to come up with some of the best research topics for you.

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