Free Macro & Microeconomics Essay Examples & Topics

The Definition of Macroeconomics
The paper "The Definition of Macroeconomics" is an excellent example of an assignment on macro&microeconomics. Macroeconomics provides an overall perspective to a country’s economy. It takes into account several economic variables such as inflation, unemployment, growth, and finances while evaluating the performance of a country’s economy and deciding on the best course of action that needs to be taken to have a stable economy.…
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Hyperinflation in Brazil
The paper "Hyperinflation in Brazil " is an excellent example of an assignment on macro and microeconomics. Six years of wild inflation in Brazil meant that the price level in 1994 was 3.6 million times higher than in 1988! To put that in perspective, with such inflation in the United States, a gallon of gasoline that sold for $1.50 in 1988 would have soared to $5.4 million in 1994.…
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Globalization with an Eye to Outsourcing
The paper "Globalization with an Eye to Outsourcing " is a good example of a research proposal on macro and microeconomics. Outsourcing, meaning the subcontracting of employment to other countries, is an increasingly common phenomenon with global ramifications. The forces of globalization have had many unintended consequences.…
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