Free Marketing Essay Examples & Topics

B2B: Pitfalls & Opportunities
The paper "B2B: Pitfalls & Opportunities" is a good example of an assignment on e-commerce. First of all, selling to an organization such as a business entity is entirely different than selling to an individual consumer. This is the most important concept in B2B e-commerce. A decision to buy is usually a group effort made by the decision-making unit or DMU composed of several people.…
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How Does IBMs Plan for Its Goods and Services Meet the Definition of Marketing
The paper "How Does IBM’s Plan for Its Goods and Services Meet the Definition of Marketing?" is a great example of a marketing assignment. The simplest definition of marketing is to make the customers interested in your products or the services provided by you.…
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SideSteps by Nike
The paper "SideSteps by Nike" is an excellent example of a marketing essay. The new shoe developed by Nike is called SideSteps. This is a very unique shoe as it brings to light the ease of use by the He can use it as both a jogger as well as semi-formal wear. The best thing about this SideSteps is that it brings a sense of finesse and class on to the person who wears it and makes the best use of the same.…
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