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The Current Language of Derivative
The paper "The Current Language of Derivative" is a great example of a math assignment. Differential equation first appeared explicitly in a geometric language. In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published a book called Mathematical principal which credits him as the inventor of calculus.…
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Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning
The paper "Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning" is a worthy example of a math assignment. Matrix analysis refers to the use of different algebraic, mathematical, statistical and mechanical techniques in order to make fundamental analyses such as future forecasting, business planning, etc.…
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Mathematics is among the most dreaded subject by students across all levels of education. To be good at mathematics, you need to have mastered many formulas and have a developed sense of logic. Furthermore, students normally wonder why they have to write about math. The main purpose of writing a mathematical essay is for the student to showcase their understanding of a given topic or concept through explanation. The good news is that a math essay can be written using the basic principles employed while writing other types of essays. To become good at writing these papers you need quality mathematics study material.

How Do I Write a Mathematical Essay?

A mathematical essay needs a defined procedure with logical steps. This will help the reader follow through easily. The first step is to choose a topic. You can select the one you find intriguing to enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills. Likewise, you can choose to write about a problem you solved. In this case, you need to state the problem itself, the methodologies you used and explain how you derived the answer.

Second, determine the audience. In writing a mathematical essay, you need to assume that the audience is at the same level of understanding as you are.  You will need to explain your ideas and solutions comprehensively and persuade them of the effectiveness of your methodology. In mathematics, there are two types of essays. These are concept essays and equation essays.

A concept essay is somewhat similar to a conventional one. In fact, it is an expository essay whereby you investigate a concept, add your ideas to the theory and make a claim. In an equation essay, you only state the equation and its solution. After that, you elucidate on the problem’s significance and your reasoning for its solution.

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