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Larry King Live
The paper "Larry King Live" is an outstanding example of a media essay. This program, Larry King Live, was about the “Obama Tradition Troubles” that President-Elect Barack Obama is going to have once he gets inaugurated. This is, in itself a historical event and continues to mean lots of things for our country and for people and issues abroad.…
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The Golden Age of Radio
The paper "The Golden Age of Radio" is an excellent example of a research paper on media. I should that the Digital Deli site was extraordinary hard to use. Most of its MP3 files were behind a paid subscription service; those that were not tended to be unhelpful items such as audition tapes and outtakes.…
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Television 1950
The paper "Television 1950" is a good example of an essay on media. In 1950, the country was blessed with the millions of veterans that had returned safely from World War II. Women who had manned the factories were asked to step aside and let a man have her job. Along with this attitude came a new domesticity that was reflected in the American family gathered around the television.…
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Knight Rider
The paper "Knight Rider " is a great example of an essay on media. Knight Rider is the earliest recollection that I have of a TV show which has left fond memories with me all these years. It has made me think about the good times of the past and how much I cherish them with each passing day. I remember vividly the soundtrack of Knight Rider which amazed me endlessly.…
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TV vs Movies
The paper "TV vs. Movies" is an excellent example of an essay on media. TV as a medium of entertainment has got bigger and bolder over the years. “The people working in television right now are the Shakespeares of the medium.” However, movies go that extra mile in delivering to the viewers an amazing and complete story from start to finish.…
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Handout of Music on Television
The paper "Handout of Music on Television" is a perfect example of a media essay. The first music event I have watched on television is Bocelli’s concert d An American Dream. The said concert has historical significance since the Italian opera singer performed at the Bay in front of the Statue of Liberty.…
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Rhyme and Reason Show
The paper “Rhyme and Reason Show” is a great example of a media essay. This television game show was aired by ABC from July 7 to December 26, 1975, at 2:30-3:00 pm, Monday to Friday and 30-2:00 pm, on December 26, 1975, up to its last episode on July 9, 1976. Hosted by Bob Eubanks, the game is played by two contestants (one a returning champion) with the help of six celebrity panelists.…
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Ethics in the Rain Man
The paper "Ethics in the Rain Man" is a wonderful example of a media assignment. My selected source of media is Film which is “The Rain Man”. Directed by Barry Levinson, this movie has achieved 4 Oscar and another 19 awards. It is the story of two brothers - Raymond and Charlie, whose father is a rich man. The yuppie Charlie was thrown out of home by his father during his teenage because of a wrongdoing.…
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The Role of Media During Wartime
The paper “The Role of Media During Wartime” is a great example of a media essay. In times of war, the media criticism of government action does comfort the enemies of the nation. This is because the enemies understand that this nation has a lot of loose ends which need to be covered properly and hence there are issues that remain unanswered and unaddressed.…
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The Yellow Wallpaper
The paper "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a perfect example of a media assignment. The yellow wallpaper is described as a “repellent, almost revolting … unclean yellow.” It symbolizes the thin veil of polite society behind which the narrator’s true identity must hide. She doesn’t have the option of not constraining herself, which is shown in the way that the “paper stained everything it touched.…
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Green Beret Unit in Afghanistan
The paper "Green Beret unit in Afghanistan" is an outstanding example of a media essay. On January 31st of CBS featured three interesting s on its “60 minutes” show. The first segment covered a Green Beret unit in Afghanistan who were training Afghan soldiers.…
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Mass Communication Concepts/Theories
The paper "Mass Communication Concepts/Theories " is a good example of a media assignment. Selective Perception is the way how people view the world. This depends on one’s gender, the environment they grow, the status of life and their experiences. This indicates the difference among the people and how they understand the world.…
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The paper "MediaSmarts" is a brilliant example of a media assignment. Objectivity in news and information is difficult to attain, but necessary for the common good. The reason is that the current society is moving ahead at a rapid pace. The speed is so much that the world in every individual’s perspective is changing constantly and their view of it is all made up of their society and the people around them.…
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The Language of New Media
The paper "The Language of New Media" is a worthy example of an assignment on media. Multimedia has been improving in recent years. There has been a drastic change when compared to the previous years. Multimedia is used in almost all the fields, particularly in educating the children. It can be integrated with the new media.…
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