Free Politics Essay Examples & Topics

Israel and Palestine Conflict
ISRAEL AND PALESTINE There are few geopolitical issues as complex and difficult to solve as the conflict in the Middle East. It has a long and bloodyhistory and many people have tried and failed to solve it before. Nothing new has happened in the…
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US Foreign Policy
US Foreign Policy Introduction America’s foreign policies are highly controversial especially after the 9/11 World Trade centre terrorist attack. George Bush Jr. used the scenario created by the 9/11 incident for political gains. He declared a war on…
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Role of Non Govermental Organisations
Step ment of Research Problem Surprisingly, Haiti and Cambodia have been reported to have the largest number of NGO’s in the world, which is fine if they were to play their roles accordingly. Furthermore, Haiti and Cambodia are very poor countries,…
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Immigration to Canada
Your full May 8, Research Proposal Immigration to Canada is beneficial because of the geographical location of Canada that is best suited for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Background Many people wish to settle down in some other country than…
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Texas Has a Plural Executive Where the Governor Has Limited Powers
The paper "Texas Has a Plural Executive Where the Governor Has Limited Powers" is a brilliant example of a politics research paper. The state of Texas generally has a visible government with the executive power vested in various administrative departments. While many consider the Texas governor enjoys some of the most lucrative power execution power, it is limited by the plural executive order.…
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Barack Obama Fulfils the Dream
The paper "Barack Obama Fulfils the Dream" is a good example of a politics essay. A black man has been elected to the highest office of the most powerful country of the world.” This year election has been both demanding and challenging for the nation. However, it resulted in a positive surprise for many, and a historic event has taken place.…
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A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia
The paper "A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia" is a perfect example of an assignment on politics. Barack Obama gives a general overview of the sad history of race relations in his speech by using several personal experiences. He speaks of the many injustices black Americans have endured over the years.…
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The United States and the United Arab Emirates: A Contrast of Military Power
The paper "The United s and the United Arab Emirates: A Contrast of Military Power " is a wonderful example of an assignment on politics. Aside from tradition and natural resources, every nation has socio-cultural, political and economic interests that it seeks to protect in order to flourish. In so doing, it necessitates the fact of harmonic relationship with other countries.…
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Can Government Regulation Be Constructed to Be More Efficient
The paper "Can Government Regulation Be Constructed to Be More Efficient?" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. Government regulation can be built in such a way that the societal stakeholders understand what the government is doing in the first place. …
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How Government Intervention Could Possibly Affect Capital Markets Adversely
The paper "How Government Intervention Could Possibly Affect Capital Markets Adversely" is a great example of a research paper on politics. A lot of people depend on the capital markets and have invested their life time savings and retirements in capital market investments, such that inadequate government policies or interventions would bring a lot of losses to them.…
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Peoples Faith, Hope and Trust in Obama
The paper "Peoples Faith, Hope, and Trust in Obama" is a delightful example of an assignment on politics. Barack Obama is America’s 44th President and the first African-American to sit in the Oval Office. The fact that he has a diverse background brings in the much-touted expectations on the part of the people who have instilled a new faith and trust within this leader.…
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The African American Must Run His Community Up, Not Down
The paper "The African American Must Run His Community Up, Not Down" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. " The world has seen a lot of problems under the regime of the last President of the United States. Now is the time to bring about a real change – the manifesto of Barack Obama for the Presidential race.…
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U.S. Health Care System
The paper "U.S. Health Care System" is a wonderful example of a politics assignment. The US health system has often been criticized for many different reasons. The media, as well as politicians, may make it the punch line for their jokes but despite its failings, it is still much better than what has been offered by many other nations.…
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U.S./Pakistan Security Ties after September 11th 2001
The paper "U.S./Pakistan Security Ties after September 11th, 2001" is a great example of a research paper on politics. The world forever changed the morning of September 11th, 2001. The attacks on the World Center represented the most serious terrorist act ever carried out on U.S. soil. A watershed moment in world history, that fateful morning will be forever engrained in the American national psyche.…
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The American Economy: the Struggle for Supremacy in the 21st Century
The paper "The American Economy: the Struggle for Supremacy in the 21st Century" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. The position of government inside the US economy is decisive when it arrives at decision-making concerning fiscal and monetary plans. The federal government seizes all the essential initiatives to guarantee the development and firmness of the United States.…
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U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate
The paper "The U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate " is a wonderful example of a politics article. Global warming is a major issue in today’s world, especially during the economic crisis where it must be decided wisely where the money is being spent. An article from the NY Times revealed that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would like to create a global warming treaty on behalf of the United States.…
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New Deal by Obama
The paper "New Deal by Obama " is a wonderful example of a politics assignment. In the historic speech made at Cairo, President Obama has laid out a blueprint of the American foreign policy towards key issues involving the Muslim community. While talking tough on terrorism and fundamentalism, he holds out an olive branch to the Muslim community, in general, to partake in global progress.…
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Obamas Foreign Policy
The paper "Obama’s Foreign Policy" is a good example of an essay on politics. Addressing the vexed issues of Palestine, Iraq, Al Qaeda and terrorism, nuclear weapons and Iran, fundamentalism and the Muslim community, together in one speech may not be justified taking into account the enormity of the subject. Thus, President Obama relies more on rhetoric and less on substance.…
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Obama Speech in Egypt
The paper "Obama Speech in Egypt " is a good example of an essay on politics. President Obama’s speech on June 4, 2009, in Cairo was a historic one. Obama tried to reach out to the Muslims in the region with an approach of reconciliation and rejuvenation. His message was simple: He was asking them to look at the US not as enemies or as a “clash of civilizations” but more from an angle of trust and solidarity.…
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Obama's Health Care Speech
The paper "Obama's Health Care Speech " is a good example of an essay on politics. Obama after taking charge of his office has announced many reforms in order to improve the previous reforms and improve the condition of the USA when it comes to several issues. Such a reform introduced by Obama in the recent days is the Health Care Reform.…
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The Best Way For Highly Developed Countries To Help Less Well-Developed Countries
The paper "The Best Way For Highly Developed Countries To Help Less Well-Developed Countries?" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. The term immunization is popularly used by health practitioners and others which gain more importance in the health care scenario of the modern world. …
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Contemporary Issues and Controversies in Western Canada
The paper "Contemporary Issues and Controversies in Western Canada" is an outstanding example of a book review on politics. These three articles all discuss contemporary issues and controversies in Western Canada. All of them involve the changing world we’re living in and to some extent relate to the current economic crisis.…
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Ethnic Nationalism
The paper "Ethnic Nationalism" is an outstanding example of an assignment on politics. As Edward Said has written, “Human identity is not natural and stable, but constructed and occasionally even invented outright” (Said, 323). In the course of all three of these conflicts, ethnic nationalism—a collective aspect of human identity—plays a very significant role.…
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The Sole Sovereignty of Israel over Jerusalem
The paper "The Sole Sovereignty of Israel over Jerusalem " is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. The sole sovereignty of Israel over Jerusalem has been a controversial issue for several decades. Although Palestinians and Christians are permitted to move across the City, the major portion of the city is under the control of Israel since 1967.…
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How Did Civil Authority Shift to Military Control in Japan
The paper "How Did Civil Authority Shift to Military Control in Japan" is an excellent example of a politics essay. Kitabatake Chicafusa rightly observed, “Nothing similar may be found in foreign lands”. This statement was made for the diversified and colorful culture and history of Japan. Japan emerged as one of the supreme powers of the world in the latter half of the twentieth century.…
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