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Article Topics Must Be Selected From Topics Within The Discipline Of Psychology
Mick Cooper’s Research on Modern Person-Centered Therapy This paper researches into modern scientists’ views onperson-centered therapy. This kind of psychological treatment has become extremely popular and it is reported that it is the most effective…
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Use Of Lexical Decision For Word Recognition
Lexical Definition Task al Affiliation Introduction Lexical decision refers to the investigational mission where the participants classify visual stimuli as words or non-words accurately and as quickly as possible (Zang, Liversedge, Liang, Bai, &…
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Reaction Paper
Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is complex disorder which is sometimes viewed notas a mental illness at all. However, I believe that it is real because it is different from PTSD or schizophrenia even though…
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Research Project Proposal (rich Vs. Poor)
Research proposal Topic Area The disparity in ruling that a jury may impose on a defendant centered on the affluence status of the individual is quite questioning. People are frequently perceived in different manners concerning their financial status…
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Does Spoiling A Child Lead To An Unhappy Adulthood
Annotated Bibliography Colorosa, B. (2002). Kids are worth it! Giving your child the gift of inner discipline. New York, NY:Avon Books. Colorosa’s approach to parenting based on a powerfully held esteem for kids and a perspective that a free…
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World Trade Center
World Trade Centre Movie Review Many would agree that is there is a day that the fabric of the American people was tested; that day was on the 11th of September 2001. The movie , world trade Centre 2006 depicts the lessons and the concerted efforts…
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Violence And The Media
The Impact of Violence in the Media on Human Behavior of Numerous scholars and parents are concerned about the potential harmful impacts of media violence on viewers, especially on children and adolescents. Current advances in technology and…
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Prosocial Behaviors
Section/# Mr. Rogers: An Example of Prosocial Behavior in the Media Although Fred Rogers has since passed away, hisimpact upon public broadcasting and millions of children’s lives and development (this author included) is without question. As the…
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Philosophy al Affiliation Introduction Processes whereby a person adapts and continues repeating a certain behavior despite of harmful consequences are known as addiction. When one is addicted to something, he or she may not have control over what he…
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Anti Social Behaviour Literature Review
Anti Social Behaviour Literature Review Table of Contents Summary 3 Background and Purpose 4 Literature Review 4 Aim of the Research 5 Plan of Work 6References 7 Summary The definition of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) as per the guidelines of the Crime…
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The Concept of Motivation The concept of motivation refers to the attempt of explaining reasons for the particular behavior. According to L. Curral and P. Marques-Quinteiro, “motivation is dependent on three psychological processes: arousal,…
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Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide
The paper "Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide" is a great example of a psychology article review. Eastin and LaRose report in the article, “Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide”, (2000) about the development of a measure of an internet self-efficacy. It was a scale with eight items.…
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Dealing with Depression
The paper "Dealing with Depression " is a wonderful example of a psychology coursework. Intuition is a way of perceiving, which relies on relationships, meanings, and possibilities beyond the reach of the conscious and includes behavioral attributes. A way of knowing something instinctively, intuition seems to be a residual process accommodating whatever cannot be explained by other means.…
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Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do Really We Have
The paper "Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do Really We Have" is a good example of a psychology essay. The long-time debate regarding “the roles of heredity and environment in human development can be traced back to 13th century France”: The nature theory asserts “that one's behaviors are due to uncontrollable genetic impulses”.…
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Richard Lester Solomon
The paper "Richard Lester Solomon " is a great example of an assignment on psychology. This article provides a strong biography of the career of Richard Lester Solomon, who was an experimental psychologist who focused to a large extent upon the concepts of avoidance learning and opponent-process theories of motivation.…
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Anxiety Disorder
The paper "Anxiety Disorder" is a great example of a psychology essay. I always thought that anxiety disorder was something very drastic – it could kill a person. My thinking was based upon the assumptions that people around me have for this disorder. …
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Brain Fag
The paper "Brain Fag " is an outstanding example of an essay on psychology. Brain fag is a “type of neurotic disorder that was first observed in white-collar workers in Africa” (Health Grades Inc). It is a culture-bund syndrome, which was commonly used as a term for mental exhaustion or an overworked brain. It is a disease with numerous symptoms and is the subject of some studies today.…
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Conflict Resolution
The paper "Conflict Resolution" is a great example of an assignment on psychology. One of the team members, Jane, approaches the supervisor commenting that she doesn't think Brandon likes her. When the supervisor asks for clarification, Brandon shares that Jane does not mind her own business and interferes in everyone else’s work. Brandon feels intimidated by Jane and wants her to leave him alone.…
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Bronfenbrenners Ecological Theory of Development
The paper "Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory of Development " is a worthy example of an essay on psychology. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological theory of Development is a psychological approach to understanding human growth and development. In this paper, human behavior, particularly on child development, would be explained and discussed using the integration of ecological and sociological perspective.…
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Schizophrenia,Substance Abuse,and Violent Crime
The paper "Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse, and Violent Crime" is a great example of a psychology article review. Schizophrenia Is there a link between schizophrenia, substance abuse, and violent crime? Many researchers have felt that there is and that those who suffer from schizophrenia are at an increased risk for violent crime and substance abuse.…
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Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work
The paper "Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work" is a great example of a psychology assignment. Previous studies have shown that police officers are exposed to large amounts of stress on the job. If one considers what police officers must view on a day to day basis, then that individual can understand the police officer’s need to control his or her feelings or emotions.…
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King James Version
The paper "King James Version" is a delightful example of an essay on psychology. While not technically an experiment of science, Gideon’s Fleece was an experiment of spirituality. Gideon wanted to make sure that God was speaking the truth and “If thou wilt saves Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said”.…
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The Role of Friendship in Psychological Adjustment
The paper "The Role of Friendship in Psychological Adjustment" is a delightful example of an assignment on psychology. Friendship is a very beautiful feeling to have for an individual. It is a relationship that banks heavily on trust, emotions, and longing of people who call themselves as friends.…
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What is Critical Thinking
The paper "What is Critical Thinking" is a great example of a psychology essay. Persuasive thinking presentations, verbal or written always persuade the listeners or readers to think in terms of the ideas presented by the presenter. The presenter should establish his credibility first in order to persuade the listeners.…
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Has the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Worked
The paper " Has the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Worked" is an outstanding example of a psychology book report. A few decades ago, treatment of mentally ill individuals involved realizing very many people in state psychiatric hospitals. However, there was a lot of public outcries and this led to formulation and enactment of policies aimed at deinstitutionalization from these warehouses.…
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