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Conflict Resolution
The paper "Conflict Resolution" is a great example of an assignment on psychology. One of the team members, Jane, approaches the supervisor commenting that she doesn't think Brandon likes her. When the supervisor asks for clarification, Brandon shares that Jane does not mind her own business and interferes in everyone else’s work. Brandon feels intimidated by Jane and wants her to leave him alone.…
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Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work
The paper "Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work" is a great example of a psychology assignment. Previous studies have shown that police officers are exposed to large amounts of stress on the job. If one considers what police officers must view on a day to day basis, then that individual can understand the police officer’s need to control his or her feelings or emotions.…
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Has the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Worked
The paper " Has the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Worked" is an outstanding example of a psychology book report. A few decades ago, treatment of mentally ill individuals involved realizing very many people in state psychiatric hospitals. However, there was a lot of public outcries and this led to formulation and enactment of policies aimed at deinstitutionalization from these warehouses.…
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Mental Illness
The paper "Mental Illness" is a wonderful example of a psychology assignment. Mental illness is a serious disorder in human beings which is prevalent in America society. Mental illness is completely different from physical illness as it cannot be cured with medicines alone and it requires efficient counseling and human service-oriented approach from all of us. It should not be treated as a spiritual problem.…
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The Connection of Taste Aversion and Neuroses in Humans
The paper "The Connection of Taste Aversion and Neuroses in Humans" is a good example of an assignment on psychology. Carl Gustavson and Joan Gustavson implemented a valuable research concerning the connection of taste aversion and neuroses in humans. This research is also very important to keep coyotes from unnecessary killing sheep, while they are implementing their primary task.…
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Gardners Theory and Childrens Artwork
The paper "Gardner’s Theory and Children’s Artwork" is a wonderful example of a research paper on psychology. This report is based on the observation made by keenly watching three children, Mark Joseph, Glenda Geri Tan Min, and Ashley Brown. Mark, 7, was fragile and skinny. He had been observed for an hour. …
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Schizophrenia-Attitudes about Reality
The paper "Schizophrenia-Attitudes about Reality" is an outstanding example of an assignment on a psychology. The matter of discussion is about schizophrenia a mental disorder or illness. The core objective is to extrapolate from the general public a group comprising ten individuals the intensity of schizophrenic attitude in them.…
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Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies
The paper "Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies" is a great example of a psychology article review. This critique on the article entitled “Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies?” aims to outline my personal opinion on the issue and to provide the basis for my position.…
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Activity of Choice
The paper "Activity of Choice" is a great example of a psychology assignment. The activities which I indulge in outside of calls could be that of social service or helping distressed people. This is more in the case of migrant and refugees people who come to this country from other parts. …
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Pain and Its Effects on Quality of Life
The paper "Pain and Its Effects on Quality of Life" is an excellent example of a psychology assignment. The article chosen to discuss is "Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Quality of Life in Adolescents and Their Families" by Hunfeld, Perkin, Duivenvoorden et al published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology.…
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How Can Malnourishment Affect Education
The paper "How Can Malnourishment Affect Education" is a great example of a psychology assignment. The definition of malnutrition as provided by the World Health Organization reads as “the cellular imbalance between the supply of nutrients and energy and the body's demand for them to ensure growth, maintenance, and specific functions".…
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The Significance and the Use of the Normal Curve
The paper "The Significance and the Use of the Normal Curve" is a good example of a psychological assignment. Graphically and statistically, a normal curve or a bell curve, also known as Gaussian curve, is a visual representation of a distribution of scores that has three characteristics equal, i.e. mean, median and mode. An ideal normal curve is perfectly symmetrical about the mean.…
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Ethical Quandaries
The paper "Ethical Quandaries" is an outstanding example of a psychology assignment. A consulting psychologist is asked to evaluate a 9-year-old boy of Puerto Rican descent for the possible learning disability. The child's primary language is Spanish and his secondary language is English. The psychologist intends to use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III (WISC-III) and other tests.…
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Theories of Intelligence
The paper "Theories of Intelligence" is a wonderful example of an assignment on psychology. Sensory Keenness Theory of intelligence proposed by Sir Francis Galton and James McKeen Cattell has based on the conception that intelligence required keen sensory abilities and a fast reaction time. Measurement of intelligence was based on various physical measurements including reaction time.…
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Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications
The paper "Psychological Testing: History, Principles, And Applications" is a good example of a psychology assignment.  Mary is a graduating high school and is planning to proceed to college. However, she is not sure of what degree to take. Her supportive family thinks that it would be better for her to be a veterinarian since she is an animal lover. …
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Authoritarian Parenting Style
The paper "Authoritarian Parenting Style" is a great example of a psychology assignment. The result of the test revealed that I have an authoritative parenting style. I believe that this style is appropriate for raising a child for many reasons. First, children would also become adults and they must realize that there are consequences for any choice that they make.…
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Psychology: Culture And The Self

The paper "Psychology: Culture And The Self" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on psychology.

The article by Chua, Leu, and Nisbett makes an important comparison of the East Asians’ and Americans’ views of everyday social events in order to find out the influence of culture on the diverging views of social events.…
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Personal Mission and Life Balance Goals
The paper "Personal Mission and Life Balance Goals" is a wonderful example of an assignment on psychology. What is your ultimate vision of excellence? Through the years achievement motivated leaders have written a clear-cut, concise statement that creates a burning desire within them to find fulfillment in their work.…
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Coping with Being Laid Off
The paper "Coping with Being Laid Off " is a good example of a psychology research paper. The ebb and flow of today’s unstable economy affect countless people from all walks of life. Many people are loss work or have their income cut by a reduction in work, which causes people to face difficult decisions concerning how they will maintain their lifestyle, especially when involving families.…
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Vygotsky's Approach to Children Development
The paper "Vygotsky's Approach to Children Development" is a great example of a psychology assignment. Psychological tools bridge the gap between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It connects the lower and higher mental functions. Examples of which are counting, mnemonic techniques, art, writing, conventional signs.…
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Modular Notion of the Brain
The paper "Modular Notion of the Brain" is a good example of an assignment on psychology. British scientist Donald Broadbent showed limited attention of humans using a simple experiment. In this experiment, the subject was provided with two headphones and played two recorded stories simultaneously. In the end, they were asked to recall the stories they heard by each ear.…
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To Help Children Be Successful in School
The paper "To Help Children Be Successful in School" is a wonderful example of an assignment on psychology. The most important information for each of these children is the intensity and frequency of the behaviors that act as barriers to learning. An important set of data that needs to be considered is the antecedent to these behaviors.…
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