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A research proposal is one of the most complex and important assignments that students have ever needed to write. In this document, you define a research problem and justify why a study on it should be done. You also elaborate on the practical methods to be used for conducting the study consistent with the techniques allowable in your study discipline, conduct synthesis of information and literature review from other scholarly sources and elucidate anticipated outcomes of the study. Although more or less similar to a general project proposal, a research proposal is more thorough and is gauged with the same level of diligence as that of a dissertation. Even if just a proposal, you will need months, maybe years of background research and general study interest in the area that you want to investigate before you get to the actual proposal writing. This is why expert writing assistance at some of the most crucial moments of your proposal writing such as choosing a topic, keeping deadlines with your research, or perfecting the final document comes in handy.

Why Seek Expert Help for Your Proposal?

Research proposals are generally applicable in graduate and post-graduate education: master students looking to embark on their thesis, research fellows seeking grant funding, or doctoral candidates looking for acceptance into highly specialized programmes. In fact, most top-level colleges will not allow students to be admitted without first presenting a proposal. A research proposal sample from our experts will help guide your path towards a stellar document that opens up new doors for you and marks the beginning of your scholarly study. Our collection will avail a large number of topics that you can use for motivation in your select discipline, and will also have examples specifically tailored to demonstrate production of a wireframe for your proposal and specific parts of the document. Since grant funding or doctoral study positions are very competitive and spaces limited, your presentation needs to be nothing less than stellar, and we can help you get there.

What are the Main Aims of Any Research Proposal?

Your proposal is meant to assure the projects committee that you are able to think about and anticipate all aspects of the problem from start to completion, and independently design a research methodology. Your study shouldn’t duplicate the efforts of other scholars, although you can complement their work, or add unique insights and a fresh perspective to already existing study. Through intense literature review, you can determine whether the exact study has already been conducted, whether the methodologies applied were ineffective, whether an alternative method of conducting the study exists and if the research is relevant to current social and economic concerns and industry. A research proposal or dissertation is highly specialized, and while you may have a genuine interest in your study area, settling on a topic is usually the first hurdle that needs to be cleared. One may be provided to you although this may not lie within your confluence of interest. Spending too much time debating on a topic to choose may also be detrimental to your admission efforts. Your research can be quantitative or qualitative. A qualitative research proposal sample from us will show you how to apply ethnographic, historical or meta-analytical research methods, while a sample quantitative research proposal that we provide covers everything from experimental and correlational methods to descriptive research.

We Avail a PhD Research Proposal Sample that Clearly Delineates Your Study

A PhD research proposal sample from us will essentially help you with mapping out a proper approach to your project meaning:

  • Clearly and succinctly elaborating what the research problem is.
  • Convincing the reader as to why the research is important and placing it into its proper context so as to establish relevance within your discipline.
  • Explaining what problems the study intends to address and what possible solutions might emanate from the investigation.
  • Establishing a framework for achieving the said objectives.
  • Providing a correlation to previously conducted research, including critiquing, citing, comparing or contrasting other scholars’ works and building upon this to ensure that your study is relevant and not repetitive, digressive or unwarranted.

A research proposal sample paper from us will show you just how to achieve all these objectives, with the added advantage of having detailed formats and outlines for your own work.

Research Proposal Sample Paper in Different Disciplines

Not knowing where to begin with your proposal can effectively reduce your morale and cause frustration in the initial stages of your project, whether at undergraduate, graduate or doctoral levels. We have plenty of sample research proposal topics that should help rev your engines up and beat the deadlock and time. Our writers are experts in different disciplines, and through years of experience in both research and academia, we have managed to create a full-proof formula that works for any assignment that is giving you sleepless nights. Examples that we have covered include:

  • Social research proposal sample: Is the need for human interdependence and acceptance the main precursor to the rise of cults? What qualities do all cults exude and how are these related to the deeper human psychology?
  • Chemical engineering research proposal sample: Qualitative indicators in the refinement of crude oil and how to effectively adjust plant operations to achieve these benchmarks.
  • Communication research proposal sample: Fox vs. CNN: Their impacts on their target demographics as evidenced by the 2016 US elections.
  • Research proposal economics sample: Moving away from the gold-standard and reliance on the FIAT system in which currency stability is based on a ‘faith-backed dollar’ and not on actual exchangeable mechanics has led to hidden taxation in the form of
  • Research proposal sample psychology: Cognitive factors that make teens in the 16-18 age bracket more predisposed to trying out

Undergraduate Research Proposal Sample for Newbies in Proposal Writing

Undergrads, especially freshmen, might not be entirely conversant even with the basics of proposal writing. Once you’ve settled on a topic of study, a proper illustration of your ideas is the next phase in getting your proposal accepted. It won’t be enough to a have a great subject if you cannot give an adequate presentation. That’s why we have created numerous original papers from which you can learn about the proper sample research proposal format, which is especially important for students just getting introduced to proposal writing. A sample research proposal outline that has been tried and tested will help you to cascade your project intentions fluidly and mark out the key points of your study distinctly.

Steps in Creating an Effective Proposal

It all begins with a succinct title which gives meaning to your project and almost immediately tells your reader what your study is about. A sample research title proposal from our collection will help showcase how to clearly cascade project intentions to the reader. The abstract is a summary of the entire investigation, and the reader should be able to draw a clear picture of the problem that you aim to solve, intended objectives, methodologies, and possible outcomes. A sample abstract for research proposal from our experts will show you how to achieve this in less than 250 words, conveying all the important detail that you need to. The format of your proposal and the documentation style may differ depending on institutional requirements. A research proposal introduction sample will show you how to phrase the background of your study, and how to properly channel facts and the importance of the study area you want to embark on. The introduction leads directly to the thesis statement which is what guides your proposal and research project in its entirety and also makes clear the problem statement. The introduction also outlines what the limitations of your study will be.

Samples and Tips Covering Every Aspect of Proposal Writing

You can access a sample of scope and limitation in research proposal which shows you how to give absolute focus to your study, delineate the boundaries of your investigation, and also inform the reader about what will be excluded from your investigation. From our collection, you can also learn how best to approach the literature review, and place your study into a proper theoretical framework. You can do this thematically or statistically, whichever method fits your study best. A key aspect to remember when it comes to writing a proposal is citation: creating references and bibliographies. This gives your work credence and assures the projects committee that you have exhaustively conducted your research. A sample research proposal APA from our experts will show you how to effectively carry out a citation in the social sciences and humanities, and offer a general guide to other study disciplines too.

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As is now evident, a research proposal is a key part of getting your project to succeed, and you need to get help if you don’t want to risk getting stuck. An undergraduate research proposal sample from us is inexpensive and is derived straight from the experts. If you are a student just being introduced to ASCD, a sample action research proposal will come in handy in helping you understand the various processes from selecting a focus, collecting data all the way to analyzing and reporting results.

We have a track record of exceptional achievement when it comes to producing superb examples, and you should get in contact with our experts today if you too want to be a winner!

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