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KPIX Polls for the Californias 17th Congressional District
KPIX Polls for the California’s 17th Congressional District The KPIX polls that were released on October 20th indicated the race for the California’s 17th Congressional District. The race for the seat was between Mike Honda and Ro Khanna. Honda and…
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Level of Disability and Mortality among Young and Old People, depending on Their Income, Taking into Account Age, Education, Gender, and Race
Social Determinant of Health in South Korea Economic resources are a well known social determinant of health. Rates of mortality increase with poverty, with the effect being most staged in ages 24 to 44 as well as ages 45 to 64. A similar, but…
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Potentials of Artificial Intelligence in Terms of Humanity
Potentials of artificial intelligence in terms of humanity Humanity refers to the human race collectively. Humanity is also to refer to the conditions or quality human nature or being human. As a virtue, humanity refers to the tendency of…
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The Development of Prosocial Moral Reasoning and a Prosocial Orientation in Young Adulthood: Concurrent and Longitudinal Correlates
Article Review Topic of the article and its importance The topic of the selected article is “The Development of ProsocialMoral Reasoning and a Prosocial Orientation in Young Adulthood: Concurrent and Longitudinal Correlates.” This study is important…
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Ethical Issues in Social Networking
Research on Ethical Issues in Social Networking By Research on Ethical Issues in Social Networking Synopsis of the Topic Selection The main reason why I have chosen to research on ethical issues in social networking is that, social networks are…
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Measuring Compliance With Tobacco-Free Campus Policy by Amanda Fallin
Running head: article analysis 2nd June Summary The article Measuring Compliance With Tobacco-Free Campus Policy by Amanda Fallin et al (2012) in the Journal of American College Health focuses at analyzing the implications of smoking in the United…
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The Problem of Teen Pregnancy
TEEN PREGNANCY [Insert [Insert Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is one of the most growing and disturbing problem arising in today’s world. In developed countries, teenage pregnancy is generally out of marriage and in majority of societies and cultures…
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The Need to Integrate Community and Law Enforcement Efforts to Counter Crime
Discussion WK-5 al Affiliation) Introduction The rising cases of crime and insecurity have been d by a lot of people,and rime and criminal activities have been cited as one of the biggest problems facing the society today. The government has been…
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Personal Responsibility: Why It Matters
Personal responsibility Affiliation: Introduction Personal responsibility is the acceptance of the set standards by the society about various issues and following them, accountability of one’s actions (whether positive or negative) and taking action…
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Competition in the Labor Market, Traffic Jams, Purchase and Other Problems Associated with Life in Big Cities
Problems Associated With Living in Big Cities affiliations Problems Associated With Living in Big Cities Most people moveto the big cities because they are associated with fun, countless job opportunities and life experiences. However, with these…
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Associations of Television Content Type and Obesity in Children
Source Evaluation Zimmerman, Frederick and Bell, Janice F, "Associations of Television Content Type and Obesity inChildren." American Journal of Public Health 100.2 (2010): 334-40. This paper evaluates a journal article, which relates to health and…
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The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber Security
The impact of mobile devices on cyber security Grade (Feb. 21st, The impact of mobile devices on cybersecurity Cyber security is a menace that will continue to thrive and cause harm to consumers of different technological products, as long as…
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Socio-Economic Situation and Environmentally Sustainable Approach to Business in Brazil and South Africa
Environmentally Sustainable Business Approach Environmentally Sustainable Business Approach Comparison between Brazil and South Africa Besides their differences, Brazil and South Africa share notable common features. Both countries are multi-racial…
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High on Crack Street
YourFirst YourLast "High on Crack Street" High on Crack Street is a documentary that hit the theatres backin 1995 set in Lowell Massachusetts and directed by Richard Farrell, a former drug addict and MaryAnn Deleo. The documentary focuses on three…
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Drug Abuse in the American Society
Drug abuse in the American society Drug abuse is the use of substances or drugs excessively such that the drug user develops a habit and an addiction to a certain drug (Marcovitz 12). Drug abuse involves both medicinal drugs and non-medicinal drugs.…
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The Death Penalty in America
Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography Adam, Hugo. The Death Penalty in America: Current Controversies. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997. Print. In this book, Adam Hugo presents a candid discussion on the controversies surrounding death…
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Social Exchange Club at School
Case Study Question The primary reason why Trevor Sawatzky decided to host an event within the school under the Social Exchange club was to have students meet together and get to socialize. The barbecue socialization event was to be held during the…
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Women's Voting Rights in the U.S. and Egypt
The paper "Women's Voting Rights in the U.S. and Egypt" is a wonderful example of an outline on social science.I. Introduction: Statement of the Problem A. Research Questions What are unique aspects of the American political system that had an impact on women’s suffrage and how do these compare with Egypt’s status?…
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The Writings of African-Americans
The paper "The Writings of African-Americans" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. When the mass media shows images of American heritage and ancestry, the African-American images are predictable: Martin Luther King, Jr. will make an appearance; possibly Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B. DuBois as well.…
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Effects of Smoking
The paper "Effects of Smoking" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science. If an individual smokes, their house, clothes, car, and a person has a distinct smell that cannot be masked.  Cigarette, cigars, and other tobacco products produce second-hand smoke. …
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Waterfall Model of Systems Development Life Cycle
The paper "Waterfall Model of Systems Development Life Cycle" is an outstanding example of a research paper on social science. The Waterfall model is based on linear stages of development and support, it is based a sequence of stages in which the output for the previous stage leads to the developmental issues for the next stage.…
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Ethics and Plagiarism
The paper "Ethics and Plagiarism " is a brilliant example of an essay on social science. Sara would be doing something very unethical and as ethics do not allow one to discredit from one’s work, I, for one would disallow her as well as the other group members from doing such a thing.…
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Intended Meaning in Words
The paper "Intended Meaning in Words" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on social science. Even though some groups use the racial words to one another but only between them, when they are called that by a person who does not belong to the same group that can cause a problem.…
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Indulgent Parenting Style and the Authoritative Style
The paper "Indulgent Parenting Style and the Authoritative Style " is a worthy example of a social science assignment. Life as we know it is a dynamic journey. Parents who were nurtured 40 years ago may suddenly find themselves in a different time zone. Thus, their style of parenting would certainly be different.…
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The Importance of Language in Culture
The paper "The importance of Language in Culture" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. The term “lost in translation” is a meaningful and relevant term because it explains a cultural dilemma which could potentially be avoided. As human beings, one of our greatest assets is our breadth inability to communicate with one another.…
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