Free Technology Essay Examples & Topics

Consequences of Technopoly
The paper "Consequences of Technopoly" is an excellent example of a technology thesis. The quest for new technology has been felt in our governments, local authorities and the learning institutions alike. The psychoanalytical paradigms involved in the embracement of any technology and its advancement has been critically criticized by our learned genius Neil Postman.…
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Wireless Sensor vs. Optical Fiber
The paper "Wireless Sensor vs. Optical Fiber" is a great example of an assignment on technology. This paper will present a comparison among the Wireless Sensor Network and the Optical Fiber. The basic motive behind this comparison is to show that the Wireless Sensor Network is better than the Optical Fiber.…
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AutoCAD Electrical
The paper "AutoCAD Electrical" is a good example of a technology essay. AutoCAD Electrical is the enhanced version of AutoCAD that is considered as a world leader in the development of 2D and 3D designs and drafting. AutoCAD Electrical is the application software that is designed especially for electrical engineers for accommodating them in designing electrical applications and designs.…
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Using 3D Digital Models in Michelangelos David Restoration
The paper "Using 3D Digital Models in Michelangelo’s David Restoration" is a great example of a technology essay. Art has been an of great significance in the history of man and there have been debates concerning the nature of art and its preservation. Thus, there is an important argument which holds that art is ephemeral and should decay naturally.…
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Technical Writing: How Graphics Should Be Used in Technical Documents
The paper "Technical Writing: How Graphics Should Be Used in Technical Documents" is an excellent example of a technology assignment. Graphics should be used in technical documents to convey information quickly and concisely that cannot be communicated as well in other ways.…
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Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
The paper "Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply" is an excellent example of a technology essay. In solving pump discharge problems when lines are laid to supply ladder pipes, there are certain things that must be done in order to overcome this difficulty.…
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The Good Impacts of Using Computer Technology on the Economy
The paper "The Good Impacts of Using Computer Technology on the Economy" is a good example of a technology assignment. Growing use of computer technology in developed nations has a major impact, especially at the infrastructure level. As businesses begin promoting their products online consumers are using Internet access to buy products which strengthen the health of the local commercial economy.…
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What Is the Lithology of Reservoir Rock in Jackson
The paper "What Is the Lithology of Reservoir Rock in Jackson" is an excellent example of a technology assignment. The general composition of rocks that can be found in the reservoir comprises of shale zones, coal zones, sandstone rocks inundated with water as well as sandstone saturated with hydrocarbons, dolomite, and anhydrite.…
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Aneroid Barometer
The paper "Aneroid Barometer" is a wonderful example of a technology assignment. The Aneroid barometer was invented by Lucien Vidie in 1843. The term aneroid means without liquid or without fluid. The aneroid barometer is used to measure air pressure.…
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Types of Sections View
The paper "Types of Sections View" is an excellent example of a technology assignment. A section view is obtained by cutting (or breaking) a part of an object and thus exposing the interior construction details of that object. The exposed surface of the object is indicated by cross-hatching lines.…
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Role of Virtual Organizations
The paper "Role of Virtual Organizations" is a delightful example of a research proposal on technology. The research paper is going to include a very important issue related to Computer Technology, that is, the role of virtual organizations in today’s modern world. There is not much research done in this area in the past which is the basic reason for my conducting this research.…
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Guidelines on How to Write a Proper Technical Essay Example

Technical writing is a form of writing that focuses on technical communication utilized in various occupational or technical fields. This includes computer software, hardware, chemistry, engineering, aeronautics, medical, robotics, consumer electronics, and finance. Technical writing has three major characteristics:

  • The communication is about specialized or technical topics
  • Information is commonly relayed via printed documents or modern technologies such as help files, websites or social media.
  • They provide instructions on how to accomplish something regardless of the technical level of the task.

To effectively write a technical essay example, you need to have an authoritative command of the field. This means that you must first undertake thorough research on the topic before the writing process. Remember, you need to inform the reader about concepts and ideas. Part of the audience might be unaware of the technology. Therefore, all information you write must be highly credible.

A technical essay can fall under expository writing, which presents explanations, reasons, or procedures. It can also fall under the descriptive essay category, which describes the procedure of a technical task. 

Some Tips to Produce Remarkable Technical Paper

The following steps provide insight on how to write a technical paper.

  • Create the essay file

In technical writing, the paper files can take a variety of formats. The most common is the word document. Name the file to reflect your desired subject matter. You can base it on the title of the paper but do not leave spaces between the words. Use dashes, e.g.(Technical-paper-example).

  • Create a catchy title

Your title must be able to attract and hold the reader’s attention.

  • Spelling and grammar

Your paper must have impeccable grammar and lack of spelling mistakes. This will ensure that your work is comprehensible.

  • Write to the general audience

Most students write as if they are doing it for the professor. You should write your technology persuasive essay topics with the aim of speaking out to the world and across different periods. This ensures that your essay remains relevant for a long time to come.

  • Essay structure

Make use of internal headings to provide your essay with a good structure that someone can easily follow through

  • Formatting and references

Choose one of the academic writing formats or use the one assigned by the instructor. Make the appropriate in-text citations and references.

  • Additional media

You can add images, graphs, pie charts or even embedded videos. These will enhance the communication of your intended message

  • Adding style

The fact that it is a technical essay does not mean your work must be mechanical and boring. You can add witty remarks, clever titles and popular culture jargon. However, you should do this in moderation to maintain your focus on the topic.

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