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The Grapes of Wrath and The Migrant Woman
The paper "The Grapes of Wrath and The Migrant Woman" is an outstanding example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Art voices silence or depict the faceless concerns of a society and have been used as a vehicle of propaganda. The sociological approach to art and literature suggest that art could not stand alone from the social and political setting of its time.…
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Superman in Movie
The paper "Superman in Movie" is a good example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. The first scene I have chosen is the one where Superman was still a baby inside a meteor that was discovered by a childless couple. This is parallel with the “the crossing of the first threshold” wherein the hero enters earth ( a world he is unfamiliar with ).…
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Neorealism in Today's Cinema
The paper "Neorealism in Today's Cinema" is a wonderful example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Neorealism is present cinema today. In order to understand what neorealism is and how it interacts with cinema, it is important to define it. This is a cultural movement that allows for parts of true life in the stories it describes, rather than presenting a world that is pure imagination.…
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Make Independent Films
The paper "Make Independent Films" is an outstanding example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Independent films have generally been defined and those films that were made outside of the traditional studio system. However, recently there has been an increasing rise in independent labels from the major studios, including Paramount Vantage and Fox Searchlight.…
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Early 1970's Films
The paper "Early 1970s Films" is a wonderful example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies.1) Early 1970s Films usually dealt with: For Point(s) Answer: A) Rock & Roll issues like in "Easy Rider" & "West Side Story" B) Socio-Political issues like in "All the Presidents Men" & "Serpico" C) Science Fiction issues like in "2001" & the original "Star Wars" D) The on-going & Bloody Korean War which was often "Televised"…
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Cartoon Clich Update
The paper "Cartoon Cliché Update" is a good example of an assignment on visual art. I saw your cartoon, “Cartoon Cliché Update,” in the issue dated September 29, 2009. I would like to commend you on your exemplary talent in drawing and humor. It was so hilarious to see the classic- “man stranded on an island” clinging, for his dear life, to the top of the coconut tree! - What a revival!…
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James Cameron's Titanic
The paper "James Cameron's Titanic" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts&film studies. I watched Titanic the movie some time back. It was a romantic flick which made me envision the olden times and how love used to cultivate within the minds of the lovers and how sacrifice was important in the times gone by.…
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The Core by John Amiel
The paper "The Core by John Amiel" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts&film studies. Directed by John Amiel, the Hollywood release of 2003, The Core was highly criticized by both the movie reviewers as well as the science-fictionists.…
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