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Why would students ever need Essay Samples Database?

We tend to imagine students as joyful, carefree people. But the real situation is completely opposite. Nowadays, young people are getting overloaded. An average student spends 4 to 6 hours in a class, takes a 4-hour part-time job, and spends around 4 hours on completing assignments. It makes the total 12 to 14 hours a day.

Such a maddening rhythm is not only stressful for a young person. It’s also practically impossible to cope with in the long run. Here is the answer to our initial question. Free Essay Database is coming in handy when you need to complete assignments twice faster.


Saving your time is our key priority. Nobody wants a service where you have to spend hours looking for relevant content.

Forget it. We simplified each step for you to the max. It would take you only 3 seconds to type in the topic and 3 minutes to find an excellent essay sample. And it’s FREE!

Moreover, we have foreseen loads of essential details and created a communication system where you can always get help or good advice.


  • We choose best essays among thousands.
  • We hate plagiarism.
  • We crave for an outstanding academic style.
  • We absolutely love perfect grammar.

Those are the basic principles we follow. Those are the principles your tutor expects. Those are the principles you want from a competent service. The high quality of each essay is our golden standard. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be in our database.


As people define the work of the whole service, we surely wanted to gather a superior team.

Who are those people?

English-speaking students from all over the world who shared their greatest works with you.

Why would they upload their essays?

They share the idea that a good writing sample is more useful than thousands of tutorials and how-to’s.

WritesMyEssays team consists of:

1. Friendly and caring Support Team. Those are people who provide you with the first aid assistance and care a lot about your customer experience.
2. Well-educated and highly responsible Editors. They work with uploaded essays and make sure that our service provides you with relevant and profound samples.
3. Attentive and meticulous Quality Control Team. They won’t allow any flaw in essays you get from us!